Edward Ka-Spel: Keyboards/loops
The Silverman: Keyboards
Ryza Moore (as credited in liner notes): Engineering
Lyrics: Lydia Tomkiw 
Music: Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots/Tomkiw)
Produced by Edward Ka-Spel

*Transcribed by Don Poe/Nevermore

Because it was tomorrow
And I was exclusive,
Because it was forbidden 
And no one was looking
Because you are not like me
Because it was hopeless
I turned my face towards yours
And let you color my skin
Because it was tawdry
And we were both tipsy
Because of some lightning 
That came from a planet
Because it felt church-like
Safe and with promise
I turned my face toward you 
And you colored my skin
Outside there was air wanting all of our beath
Violence was waiting, wanting a death
And some mixed-up night birds sang
Wanting sanity, and we sang along
Because you were laughing 
And nervously shaking
Because you began whistling 
And I got scared of your being
You turned your face toward mine
And I put something askew
Because we were lazy, but not really,
Because there were bills to pay
But we didn't care
Because we knew a joke we couldn't remember
We turned our faces to one another
And exploded the nigh


Lyrics: Lydia Tomkiw 
Music: Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, Lydia Tomkiw 
Produced by Edward Ka-Spel

Sometimes, there is love
And sometimes there is night-time
Kissing you on the cheek
Like it wants something
Sinful you know and you can't give
Sometimes there are cartoons, which delight you
And sometimes the radio is silent, giving you too much time to think
Sometimes, beauty is funny and you find it 
In tricky places
In childern making mud pies off the curb on Ave. B
Or you find it in a name of a dog 
Or a restaurant called "A Dish of Salt"
Or you find it in a magical night
In a corner
And the world is in a slumber
So there's no one to share it with
Sometimes you want to talk, but there's no one to listen
So you make a list of the things you want to say
But your mouth never opens and it's as if
You never had a thought at all
Sometimes there is a quiet calmness that makes you nervous

Sometimes, things are heinous and torture us to tears
And we want everything we could possibly imagine
And we want it to be glowing and pretty
But we settle for something that 
Might shine bright in years to come