Steven Stapleton
Artwork: © M. S. Waldron
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Official web site at:

For the most up to date news monitor Nurse With Wound Official Facebook

Also worthy of a mention is Nurse With Wound Fan group

Let me know if there are any other groups worth listing here.

Keep an eye on Nurse WIth Wound Bandcamp several releases have been added there in the last few months.

Keep an eye on ebay user homotopymusic. This is Steven Stapleton selling his personal record collection and related items.

July 2015

A new era begins as Nurse With Wound now has an 'Official' web site at

I will leave it up to them to report any news going forward but I will still continue to maintain the discography here.

The latest news:

Painting with Priests - A Steven Stapleton and Christoph Heemann collaboration, CD and vinyl release.

Surveillance Lounge - Double LP vinyl release.

Spiral Insana - Double LP vinyl release.

Echo Poeme Sequence Number 2 - Vinyl 12 inch.

Dark Fat is in final polishing stages.

NURSE WITH WOUND (Sleep Concert) in Russia

10 September 2015, St. Petersburg, Place, Tickets

12 September 2015, Moscow, DNK / Central House of Artists Tickets

June 2015

Time Elapsed a collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers was made available on sites such as Amazon and itunes on 5th May 2015.

It was reported on the 6th June 2015 that Graham Bowers had passed away following a long illness.

Nurse WIth Wound Bandcamp have added Automating Volume One to their list of downloads.

Dirter have reissued Sylvie and Babs on CD
Deluxe re-issue of this 80's classic from NWW.
Expertly re-mastered by Denis Blackham.
Beautifully packaged in 6 panel gloss laminated digipac, with special gloss 12 page booklet with artwork by Babs Santini.
Includes a bonus disc of outtakes, unreleased material and remixes from Irr. App. (Ext.) and Andrew Liles.

Jnana have reissued the Soliloquy for Lilith 3xCD set, this is the same as previously released but in a red foil embossed box.

Andrew Liles is selling a new NWW metal badge

Lenka Lente are selling a book about Léon Léhautier accompanied by a CD containing the Nurse With Wound track Close To You

I have missed out some news on other releases, but they are listed in the release pages.

November 2014

Andrew Liles will be selling copies of a new NWW release called "The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt"
This is a two track LP in an edition of 110 copies, of which 99 are for sale.
The LP has been cut at 45 rpm.
Each copy contains a unique 10"x10" abstract signed painting by Steven Stapleton, housed in a protective plastic sleeve.
It goes on sales on 17-NOV-2014.
No Meat for the Dogma
Feed The Loathing

Coptic Cat are now taking pre-orders for Lumb's Sister.
initially released on CD and download, it should be available on vinyl sometime in 2015.

Nurse With Wound Official Facebook has announced the release date of December 2014 for Lumb's Sister - no further information at this time.

The recent Irr. App. (Ext.) contribution to Nine Day Antler Society has used samples from the soundcheck for Nurse With Wound's performance at the Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland on August 17th.

Editions Lenka Lente are producing a 300 copy edition of a short Biography of Adolf Wolfli accompanied by a CD containing the two Nurse With Wound tracks from the Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles LP.

Rotorelief are offering for sale a limited number of art edition versions of the Nurse With Wound album Chromanatron and the Sand album Golem. All with handmade covers by Steven Stapleton.

October 2014

Norton North are issuing The Surveillance Lounge LP on November 17th 2014, they are not taking pre-orders.
Also in their pipeline is a 3xLP box set of Selfish Shellfish, no release date as yet.

September 2014

Nurse With Wound Official Facebook reports that there is a new, as yet untitled, LP in the works.
The LP comes with original art housed in a screen printed plastic sleeve.
It is strictly limited to 100 copies.
This will ONLY be available by mailorder from
People on the Andrew Liles mailing list will be the first to be notified when these discs are available for order.
Join the mailing list Here

They also report that the 2009 Nurse With Wound album "The Surveillance Lounge" will be issued as a deluxe double LP in a gatefold sleeve printed on tobacco paper. No release dates are mentioned.

On the Facebook Nurse With Wound Fan group Mark Logan has provided some more information regarding the Lumb's Sister release.
"Steve has assembled a bunch of extra stuff. I am not clear yet what it is, but I know we had the tapes baked and remastered.
Most of the music Steve had did survive the transfer.
He mentioned at one point that Coil was involved in some part of the bonus material..."
A CD will be released around November, with a 2xLP release in the new year.

July 2014

A book of Steven Stapleton/Nurse with Wound art is currently being worked on for publication at some point in the future.
Steven is directly involved in the design/production of the project.
A lot of Stevens artwork has been given away or sold over the years and he is trying to track down original pieces with a view to them being scanned or photographed for inclusion in the book.
If anyone has any pieces that can be included then please contact Andrew at:

June 2014

Nurse With Wound Official Facebook have announced the official release of ExcitoToxicity, previously only available on a CD-R at recent Australian gigs.

it is available to buy Here

An excess of most things, both mentally and physically, although exciting and pleasurable, can easily accelerate and rapidly become toxic. On a cellular level ... deadly.

A continuous musical track in six sections:


They have thrown caution to the wind and gone overboard on the quality of the 8 Panel DigiPak artwork design and packaging for this release ... why? ... Graham liked all Steven's proposed paintings for the album ... so Steven decided they should feature them all ... on a heavy board in full gloss, on a matte background

The initial pre-release has been limited to a quantity of 100 and contains a unique and individual printed insert of one of Steven's featured paintings, it takes the form of an unusual post-card, stamped with stamps of the world, franked, signed and numbered by Steven and Graham.

We have kept the price as low as possible for the pre-release Limited Edition and the price including postage and packing is £40.00

Please note that the Limited Edition will be released at 7.00am GMT on the 1st July, however we are accepting Pre-Orders.

Nurse With Wound Official Facebook have also published a list of Steven Stapleton's top 100 Krautrock albums and top 50 films listed on the same site

Chris Wallis recently set up a facebook page here relating to Lumb's Sister Director's Cut. He has recently finished editing the film and has submitted it to the Tulca festival of visual art for exhibition this November. Keep an eye on his page for future information.

April 2014

Terms And Conditions Apply by nurse With Wound and Fast Forward Through Time (Illusion Four) are now available to order from Dirter

Steven Stapleton is due to perform a sleep concert on 2nd May 2014 at an exclusive secret location in the vicinity of Drogheda in Ireland. More details here

March 2014

Mark Logan of Coptic Cat Canada mentioned, via facebook, that an expanded version of Lumb's Sister is next in line for reissue.

February 2014

Red Wharf are selling two limited edition pre-release LP's.
The first pre-release is limited to 50 copies and is a special ART EDITION of the double vinyl album of Parade.
Each album contains a totally superb, unique, original artwork by Steven Stapleton aka Babs Santini, all specifically created for this art edition, numbered and signed by Steven.

The artwork is mounted on the reverse face of a 8.26" x 8.26" (210mm x 210mm) full colour folded Art Print, and each one is individually signed and numbered by Steven and Graham and is enclosed in a special presentation envelope

The second pre-release of Parade is limited to 185 copies, each contains a 8.26" x 8.26" (210mm x 210mm) full colour folded Art Print. Each one individually brush-marked by Steven and numbered and signed by Steven and Graham.

According to Andrew Liles recent mail out the Terms and Conditions album is due for release March 2014.

January 2014

Tourette Records are now taking orders for the reissue of Santoor Lena Bicycle standard edition of 440 copies. At the time of writing Art edition copies, with an extra 7", appear to be still available.

Coptic Cat Canada are taking pre-orders for "Bar Maldoror" Deluxe Reissue. This is a 2 CD remaster of Nurse With Wound's 'Live At Bar Maldoror'

The disc, now entitled 'Bar Maldoror' contains the original album remastered by Andrew Liles and a previously unreleased live set from Ghent in 2007.
New artwork by Babs Santini throughout.

Track list for Terms and Conditions:

from Bacteria Magnet previously only on vinyl

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Bacteria Bitch Mix)
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
Thrill of Romance? (Burgo Partridge Mix)
The Bottom Feeder

from Rushkoff Coercion previously only on vinyl

Sarah's Beloved Aunt
Bum Brush Effect 7"

possibly previously unreleased

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (Black Bomber Mix)
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Maa Maa)
Bum Brush Effect (Long version)
Beloved Aunt With Extra Cheddar

from Erroneous, a selection of errors

Tickety Boo
Driftin' By
Rock Baby Rock

possibly from Subtle Movements by Freida Abtan

Electric Smudge

possibly previously unreleased

Opium Cabaret


vinyl mix of Huffin' Rag Blues

Willy the Weeper
Groove Grease (Hot Catz)
The Funktion of the Hairy Egg
Black Teeth
Thrill of Romance...?
Livin' with the Night
Juice Head Crazy Lady
Wash the Dust from my Heart
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
All of Me

December 2013

Andrew Liles has announced a new release - Terms and Conditions Apply - 3xCD.
A release that collates some unreleased material and EP's from the period 2006- 2011.
Limited edition bonus disc that is the vinyl mix of 'Huffin' Rag Blues'.
To be released by Dirter - Early 2014.

October 2013 are soon to release Rising From The Red Sand I-V.
This re-issues a set of cassettes from the early eighties on vinyl for the first time. Amongst these recordings are three tracks from Nurse With Wound:
The Strange Play Of The Mouth
Someone Others Garden
Excerpt Form Pricksongs

I missed news of a release from a few months ago. Tourette Records have announced the re-issue of Santoor Lena Bicycle on 2xLP in an edition of 440 copies. There are a further 60 art copies with a handmade sleeve and additional 7". Orders for the art edition are currently being taken.

Two releases should be available in the coming days/weeks:

Rotorelief will finally be releasing Chromanatron.

Andrew Liles released a handful of copies of a new Nurse With Wound/Aranos collaboration entitled [Sic]. Further copies should be available from Aranos shortly.
Each copy of this release is unique.
The disc comes housed in a fabric cover made from material sourced from shirts, old carpets, and bedding.
The fabric has been attached to hand painted wooden boards, which are numbered and in an edition of 500 copies.
The extra disc comes in a plain white CD envelope signed by Steven Stapleton.

May 2013

Parade: Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers

The follow-up to last year's Rupture sees Steven Stapleton and Graham Bowers exploring the inner reaches of the psyche.
Parade is due for release soon on the interdisciplinary arts group/record label Red Wharf and to be distributed by Cargo

Parade: The second studio album release by Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers delves into the multiple manifestations of the human form and psyche.
The music is an audio sketch-pad, capturing a Commedia dell'Arte type procession of the extremes and banalities of what we are, and what we do, on this bizarre and indefinable one-way trip to oblivion.

A continuous and thematic piece of music divided into eight tracks:

The CD features original artworks by Babs Santini and Graham Bowers, and a special double vinyl limited edition album is scheduled for release in the Autumn.
Sound samples are available on the Red Wharf website.

Limited Edition Package:
A limited edition package comprising of; the CD Parade, the CD Diploid (Parade~Epilogue) and a full colour folded and numbered insert signed by Steven Stapleton and Graham Bowers.
The package is ONLY available by mail order from

Standard Edition:
Single CD will be available in all good record stores after the 3rd of June.

Parade: The second studio album release by Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers delves into the multiple manifestations of the human form and psyche.
The music is an audio sketch-pad, capturing a Commedia dell'Arte type procession of the extremes and banalities of what we are, and what we do, on this bizarre and indefinable one-way trip to oblivion.

Diploid (Parade ~ Epilogue): A twenty minute composition recalling the salient musical motifs and the final resolution of Parade.

April 2013

Aufabwegen is proud to present an exclusive concert by Nurse With Wound on May 10th 2013 at ZKM Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe.
The capacity is limited and ticket presale has started find more info here
Also playing is Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

Other forthcoming dates are listed on the "live" page

Xerography and Silver Bromide have been released and sold out.

Silver Bromide is the sister album to Xerography and is a 2 track L.P. released in an edition of 125 copies, 98 of which are for sale.
Each copy is unique and handmade.

The first 80 copies of the 'Silver Bromide' record consist of an antique early 20th century glass negative mounted on the front sleeve.
Each L.P. has a different glass negative. The back cover consists of a unique collage made from the original acetate photographic proofs
from a selection of NWW albums and CDs.
The photographic images are printed on plastic and were used in the production of NWW sleeves.
All the images are in negative and come from a vast array of releases including 'Merzbild Schwet', 'Thunder Perfect Mind',
'Rock and Roll Station', 'A Sucked Orange' and many others.
The album cover is also signed by Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton and comes housed in a protective screen-printed plastic sleeve.

Xerography is the sister album of Silver Bromide and is a 2 track L.P. released in an edition of 125 copies, 98 of which are for sale.
Each copy is unique and handmade.

The sleeve of Xerography comes with a unique collage using the original acetate photographic proofs from an array of NWW albums and CDs.
The back cover is signed by Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton. The album cover comes housed in a screen printed plastic sleeve.

February 2013

33 copies of the Continuous Accident were made available for sale by Andrew Liles, these came in handmade sleeves from Steven Stapleton featuring an array of anatomical images and sold out immediately.

From Nurse With Wound Official Facebook
NURSE WITH WOUND: XEROGRAPHY 2 New NWW albums to be released in the next 8-10 weeks.
The as yet untitled albums are approximately 40 minutes each and feature 4 brand new NWW tracks.
The first 80 copies of the 1st L.P. consist of an antique early 20th century glass negative mounted on the front sleeve.
Each L.P. has a different glass negative (a selection of which can be seen here).
The back covers of both albums consist of a unique collage made from the original acetate photographic proofs from an selection of NWW albums and CDs.
The photographic images are printed on plastic and were used in the production of NWW sleeves.
All the images are in negative and come from a vast array of releases including 'Thunder Perfect Mind', 'Rock and Roll Station', 'A Sucked Orange' and many others (a short film showing the covers can be seen below).
The album covers are also signed by Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton and come housed in a protective screen-printed plastic sleeve.
The albums will only be available from
We regret to say that the new NWW records cannot be reserved and will be sold on a strictly first come first served basis.
When the records are released there will be an up-date on the NWW Facebook page and AndrewLiles website.
It is pointless e-mailing to reserve or ask to hold back copies.
These messages will just be deleted.

November 2012

The CD "The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein Vol. 3" was released at the recent festival of the same name in Lithuania. It is limited to 300 copies.

Dirter have reissued "A Sucked Orange" on CD coupled with Scrag.

September 2012


An interview with Steven Stapleton about the infamous and influential NWW list and tracks from it will go out on Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone on Saturday 29 September from midnight - 1am.

Then on the Freak Zone on Sunday 30 September 'Chance Meeting' will be the 'featured album'.

Nurse With Wound Facebook shows that Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles are scheduled to appear at the LEM Festival on Friday 12th October at the Auditorium of the MACBA Museum, Plaça dels Àngels Barcelona

They also mention that Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles with facets of the sound design for Peter Strickland's new Film Berberian Sound Studio

August 2012

NWW are scheduled to appear on 11th November 2012 at The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein , Anyksciai, Lithuania + Andrew Liles, TICKETS (from August8)

NWW are are also scheduled to appear on 14th September 2012 at Incubate Festival , Tilburg, Netherlands, TICKETS

June 2012

Rotorelief have announced the release of Chromanatron in September 2012

April 2012

Dirter have released a double vinyl LP of "Rupture" for Recordstore Day UK. Limited to 300 copies, it contains a unique numbered art insert signed by both artists.

The NWW show in Helsinki has been officially cancelled

Presale for NWW & Blind Cave Salamander "Cabbalism" live show in Torino on the 17th of May is now open: link

March 2012

Cabbalism is available now through Dirter and other outlets.

Nurse With Wound are listed to play at the Avantgarde Festival on Saturday 23rd June at 01:00 for a Sleep Concert.

February 2012

NURSE WITH WOUND LIVE : "Cabbalism" A new LP by NWW & Blind Cave Salamander.
November 2007, Venice. It was cold, damp & foggy. Nurse With Wound were playing 2 nights at the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, with Blind Cave Salamander as support act. Listening to them perform, Steven Stapleton felt that some of what they played reminded him of the classic Nurse work, "Soliloquy for Lilith".
He suggested that the two bands should explore the possibility of playing live together, to explore that piece, with a view to recording an album.
Forward to September 2009 when, after rehearsals, Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter) and Blind Cave Salamander (Fabrizio Palumbo, Julia Kent and Paul Beauchamp) perform their live version of Soliloquy for the first time at the Mutamento Festival in Turin.
The audience responded with great enthusiasm.
The cabbalistic proceedings of that evening are contained on this recording. This will be in stock early March.

Nurse With Wound have three more shows planned:
Corrected Information:
17-MAY-2012 @ Musica 90 c/o Cap 10100, Turin, Italy: "Cabbalism" with Blind Cave Salamander
18-MAY-2012 @ Museo Marino Marini, Florence, Italy
20-MAY-2012 @ Savoy Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland

Nurse With Wound will be supporting SUNNO))) on 12 June 2012 at Koko in London, UK. More information here: ATP Festivals

Steven Stapleton plays a Sleep Concert at the AV Festival Friday March 23th through to Saturday March 24th - beds provided!

Coptic Cat Canada (formerly Jnana) Have just released "Creakiness and other misdemeanours". This collects the original Creakiness side of the split LP Creakiness/Firepool, along with various 7" tracks.
Tracklisting is:
Hair, Fur and Twiggs Jameson
Delilah's Lap
Admirals Of the Blim
Electric Fretum Attachment
Mona Twisted - from Sand Tangled Women
Twisted Mona - from Sand Tangled Women
Little Dipper Minus Two (Echo poeme sequence 1) - fomr gig only CD of 2005
A Perfectly Natural Explanation - from Having Fun With The Prince Of Darkness (although title changed slightly)

November 2011

NWW and Graham Bowers will shortly release a new CD entitled Rupture through Dirter

Dirter press Release:

This CD is the first collaboration of Steven Stapleton's Nurse With Wound and composer/sculptor Graham Bowers. It is, without doubt, one of the best things we have ever released. It's an extremely unnerving, but also hauntingly moving listening experience. The work is an attempt to create a musical illustration of the "goings-on" in the brain during the last hour and three minutes of a life after suffering a major stroke. It is multi-layered and is primarily concerned with the internal chaos caused by the loss of control of thought processes, responses and consequential actions, with all types of incoherent disjointed memories and present real time events - as well as moments of lucidity, panic and fear - clashing, merging and evolving.
It's essentially one long piece, but is presented in three parts:
1. "...a life as it now is,
2. not what it was,
3. . ...and will never be again"

It arrives packaged in a beautiful 6 panel gloss laminated digipac, featuring artwork from both Babs Santini and Graham Bowers. The edition is limited to just 1000 copies in this format.

It also looks like a 2 disc vinyl version may also be released.

Also just released on Southern Lord a reissue of the Sunn O))) release "ØØ Void" on CD.
The first 1000 numbered copies come with the Nurse With Wound collaboration CD

Just released on Editions Mego Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound "The Iron Soul Of Nothing". A re-issue of the second CD that came with the Sunn O))) release "ØØ Void" as a 2xLP.

July 2011

Two concerts of interest have been announced (Note change of date from August to September):

3rd September 2011 Anche No fest c/o MSRN , Torino Italy: Steven Stapleton's sleep concert: PLEASE NOTE: 150 people capacity book in advance

19th October 2011 LUFF, Lausanne, Switzerland: Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter and Andrew Liles trio

June 2011 has announced a gig at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club, West Yorkshire, UK on Sunday 25th September 2011 featuring a performance by Damo Suzuki supported by Art Error Ist, a new project featuring Jean-Hervé Péron of Faust accompanied by Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles.

tickets available here:

Andrew Liles has announced:

Available at the Andrew Liles Download store is "Der Brennende Acker", a live performance by Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton.

Please go here to purchase this release -

In 2007 Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton were commissioned to compose and perform a live soundtrack for the Murnau film "Der Brennende Acker". The performance took place at the prestigious Cité de la Musique, Paris, France on 20th May 2008. Here is a recording of that live event available for the first time in its unabridged form of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Some original backing parts and themes of this recording were heavily restructured and formed the building blocks to what would later become the Nurse With Wound album 'The Surveillance Lounge'.

"Der Brennende Acker" is considered to be a Murnau masterpiece. The film is dark and moody with very little romance, concentrating on the dark side of life, which is reflected in the greed, and ambition of a prodigal son who arrives home too late to say goodbye to his dying father.

The film was considered lost for a very long time, but in 1978 an almost complete print was found in the estate of an Italian priest who had organised screenings in mental hospitals. credits

ANDREW LILES: Grand Piano, Digital Data Manipulation, Keyboards.
STEVEN STAPLETON: Prepared Guitar, Sound FX, Electronics.

Tourette Records have announced:

Acts of Senseless Beauty
2xLP tourette Records 002
limited to 440 copies on transparent vinyl & art edition of 60 copies with hand made sleeves

As hinted on a cover artwork, original CD documented sketchily research into humanisation of fish in rivers and bodies of water surrounded by large clots of humans - Thames><London, Hudson><New York, Liffy><Dublin, Vltava><Prague and so forth an on and on and over and out.

It also constituted the first publicly documented collaboration of the aforementioned grouping of psycho-acoustic researchers. To fill the side d of the double LP with vibrations appropriate to the occasion, NWW/a revisited underwater lay-line tangents and discovered, not altogether to their surprise, that humanised fish has evolved in the intervening time gap and x-bread with squirrel fearing krustations, thus acquiring a defense mechanism against cosmic fluons constantly passing through their minds causing formation of irritating ideas.

As these highly evolved creatures resent being photographed and punish transgressors by their sharp mind teeth, we present an artist impression on the front page of the gatefold. These creatures constantly shape shift as they move between dimensions 6 and 7, so other artist impressions will be presented in the art series of this release. Music/noise on the track describes in some details conversations and revelations of these Piscus Sapiens Emoticus.

Revelations important to humankind and their pets. Plants of various species and specialities benefit too, some normously, some enormously, mostly succulently, spinally, thornily or smoothly greening.

In other news "The Vernacular Surface" box set is/has been shipping reports:
It has been brought to our attention that the main copies of the LP have a fault. We had heard and approved test pressings, but were yet to hear the actual "hot off the press" run. They are faulty, they have to be re-pressed. We had decided to delay shipping of "The Vernacular Surface" editions until today, as we added a final "layer" to the packing to make sure they arrive all over the world in perfect shape. So, it is with regret that we have to announce that shipping is another week or so away for the limited sets and the actual "Salt" release is now delayed further. The whole set was on display at the excellent NWW show at Koko in London on Sunday and was met with a lot of excitement and praise. Our eternal thanks go to Darius, without whom this would be even more of a mess.

May 2011 reports:
It has been brought to our attention that the main copies of the LP have a fault. We had heard and approved test pressings, but were yet to hear the actual "hot off the press" run. They are faulty, they have to be re-pressed. We had decided to delay shipping of "The Vernacular Surface" editions until today, as we added a final "layer" to the packing to make sure they arrive all over the world in perfect shape. So, it is with regret that we have to announce that shipping is another week or so away for the limited sets and the actual "Salt" release is now delayed further. The whole set was on display at the excellent NWW show at Koko in London on Sunday and was met with a lot of excitement and praise. Our eternal thanks go to Darius, without whom this would be even more of a mess.

Jnana Records announce:
UJ are pleased to release a newly remastered and expanded version of the classic CD by Nurse With Wound: Who Can I Turn to Stereo.
Originally released in 1996, the original album has been expanded to include the complete Stereo Wastelands CD, which was a very limited release and is now out of print. Also included is the single edit of Yagga Blues and the previously unreleased track Eternity.

The double digipak features newly designed artwork by Steven Stapleton!

Disc One:
Who Can I Turn To Stereo
Tune Time Machine . Landed At Granma's . Woollen Numbness Of An&#230;sthesia . Yagga Blues . Livin' Fear of James Last . Space Funk With Springs . Easy Snapping . Home Is Where The Heart Is . Monument To Perez Prado . Approaching Darkness Fish . Darkness Fish . The Standard Table Of Daddy

Disc Two:
Stereo Wastelands etc (A collection of musical debris from the original album sessions)
Fragments I . Fragments II . Fragments III . Eternity . Yagga Blues (Single edit)

At the recent gig at Koko two NWW limited edition CD-R's were available:

Space Music 2 in an edition of 40 in handmade sleeves
Orgasm Mix in an edition of 20 in handmade sleeves reports:


The special edition of this release will be ready to ship during the next week. The set consists of the following:

The "Salt" LP release, which is the LP in clear vinyl and comes complete with a full colour insert.

A 12" vinyl art object, which has been individually hand created using mixed media, signed and numbered by Steven Stapleton on one side (each one is unique and original) and is "playable" on the other. The recording on the playable side is unavailable elsewhere and only 100 copies have been made before the metalwork was removed from the pressing plant.

Both pieces are then housed in a screen printed thick frosted plastic outer sleeve. All 100 copies have been professionally photographed in Ireland and will form part of a book that will be published by us next year. All subscribers who have bought the set will be thanked in the book when it is published, so please let us know if you do not wish to be included.

Because of this edition's high value, we will only be despatching via insured courier, or if it is not possible to send a courier to your country, fully insured mail will be used. The shipping will probably not be cheap, but the risks are far too high to trust any copy to chance.

The pre-order price is &#163;175 plus insured shipping to wherever you are.

Anyone who has reserved this and not had an email from us needs to get in contact as soon as possible in order to secure their copy. We have had a few emails returned undeliverable and the edition is close to being fully subscribed.

Ordering for the art edition is not via our usual shop. Please send an email to stating where in the world you are and a Paypal invoice will be sent to you. The regular edition of Salt will be on sale from the Greedbag shop in two weeks time."

April 2011

The April edition of Wire magazine #326 pg.10 reports that England's Hidden Reverse is due to be reprinted in paperback this summer.

Matt Waldron has announced a new download site through Bandcamp for irr. app. (ext.) which includes some Nurse With Wound related material that may be of interest:
4 Orphans [2001] irr. app. (ext.) / Nurse With Wound - The finished half of a never-completed or released collaboration with Nurse With Wound from 2001
The Famine Road [2011 mix] irr. app. (ext) / Diana Rogerson / Fistfuck - A new mix of a largely-unknown collaboration with Diana Rogerson from 2008

February 2011

NWW show announced, performing at NetAudio:

Support: Mika Vaino and Bruce Gilbert, Radian.

Date: Sunday 15th May 2011
Time: Doors 7pm
Venue: KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE

David Tibet reports through We are now working on the reissue of the two albums that David Tibet and Steven Stapleton recorded together. Both will be 2CD digipaks. The Sadness of Things will contain the two tracks from the original album, as well as 'The Fire of the Mind' from the Simply Being book by James Low and an alternate mix of 'The Grave and Beautiful Name of Sadness', whilst Musical Pumpkin Cottage will feature the two tracks from the CD album of the same name, the alternate mixes of those tracks that were released first on the vinyl album Musicalische K&#252;rbs-H&#252;tte and then later on the Octopus CD and the track 'I Left Her for a Cartoon Octopus', also released on the Octopus CD.

December 2010

Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles perform in Bangor, Wales, UK on Friday 28th January 2011 as part of Wet Sounds
They will be on first so you are advised to get there early.
There will be two separate soundsystems playing content from two separate outputs. One will be playing underwater and the other over water. The different content is played simultaneously and is heard together only when the listener floats on the surface.

December 2010

Dirter have announced the following release:

Dirter News & Forthcoming

15.12.10 Coming very soon.


Previously available only as an extremely limited edition CD alongside Current 93's "Music From The Horse Hospital". "Salt" was created as a continuous backdrop to Steven Stapleton and David Tibet's art exhibition and installation at the Horse Hospital gallery, Russell Square, London 2002. The CD was sold at the event. The piece was subsequently reworked by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter for the album "Salt Marie Celeste".

It will available in two editions from January 2011. Pre-ordering will be available soon.

500 copies of the LP "Salt", which will be pressed on virgin vinyl and include a full colour insert with pictures from the 2002 event.

100 copies only, as "The Vernacular Surface". This will consist of the LP "Salt" and an extra playable mixed media art object individually created by Steven Stapleton and hand numbered. Each copy will be unique. There will be only ever be 100.

November 2010

Another show has been announced:
Nurse With Wound with Blind Cave Salamander play "Soliloquy For Lilith"
08/01/2011 @ Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa, Portugal
Related website:

Rushkoff Coercion on Tourette Records has been released.

October 2010

Julia Kramer reports that a new NWW merchandising store has opened up at This is selling a range of NWW branded clocks, calendars, mousepads, framed tiles and mugs through Cafepress. report another Steven Stapleton performance 20 November 2010 in Bern, Switzerland

New Nurse With Wound performance announced 23 November 2010 at Volksbuehne, Berlin, Germany: "Soliloquy For Lilith" with Blind Cave Salamander
No further details at present

Erroneous on Important Records is available now

August 2010

Time to round up some recent news:

27 August 2010 Mikz, Biel, Switzerland planned Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles performance
04 February 2011 @ Ear We Are, Biel, Switzerland planned Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles performance

Soon to be released on Important Records:
Important Records, IMPREC 310
Street Date: the 28th of September 2010

1. Tickety-Boo
2. Driftin' By
3. Rock, Baby, Rock
4. Cob-Kite Toy
5. Call Me, Tell Me
6. Bug Vaudeville

'ERRONEOUS', a selection of errors? is the result of the meeting of Italian cult band Larsen and Steven Stapleton's ubiquitous creature Nurse With Wound.
Almost 2 years of file swapping and occasional conceptual meetings led to a multi-headed collection of deformed sounds based on one long NWW piece and two Larsen tracks (that both bands have written specifically for this project) then deconstructed and rebuilt by each other into totally brand new opuses.
'ERRONEOUS' also features Neu! and Kraftwerk original member Eberhard Kranemann on additional guitars, synth, sax and vocals as well as Larsen collaborator Daniele Pagliero, a.k.a. Lo Dev Alm, on bass.
Just like the music, the artwork of the album is also a joint effort sporting works of Stapleton's alter-ego Babs Santini, Larsen's graphic designer Bellissimo and E. Kranemann.

In the pipeline on Tourette Records:
Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles have just finished recording a Nurse With Wound 7" single for Tourette Records.
The as yet untitled E.P will play at 33 1/3 and should come out in the autumn of 2010 in an edition of 600 copies - 500 clear vinyl and 100 as a picture disc.
As with Andrew Liles' 'The Monster Munch E.P' the sleeve will fold out into a 14" x 14" double sided poster.

Beta Lactam Records announced the following release some time back, no further news as yet:
Coming early summer 2010 will be Nurse With Wound "Shipwreck Radio Vol. 1" 4xLP and limited 5xLP set - we have the vinyl in production and the set will be packaged in custom made wooden boxes with an oil stain and silk-screened artwork.

In the pipeline on Dirter:
Paranoia In H-Fi is coming some time this year on vinyl

The expanded edition of Nurse With Wound's 'Insect & Individual Silenced' has just been reissued by United Dairies and is now available in the eie online shop ( It should also be available from various other sources soon. The 'expansion' refers to the addition of the fourth track 'Tooth, Teeth, Milk, Teeth, Skin', created in 2007 for the 'special suitcase edition' that never materialized; a few copies of this track have recently leaked into circulation for ridiculous sums of money, and this version was created to make that track more generally available (and to replace the now scarce and always pricey 2007 reissue of the album). Kevin Spencer's careful remastering work on the original tracks has once again been used, and the original front and back cover images have been restored to their rightful place. br/>

June 2010

Jnana Records are reissuing Second Pirate Session to be released in July.

March 2010

Nurse With Wound are due to play the Mutek Festival on Thursday 3rd June more information here: mutek

Matt Waldron reports

Nurse With Wound's AUTOMATING VOLUME 3.
This release is in the midst of being manufactured and should be ready early next week.
3-4 days after that it should arrive at my door. Here's the track list:

1. I Gan Noo Wha Ma Organ's Gan
2. Antacid Cocamotive 93
3. Scissors, Radio, Bongo And Bell
4. Angle
5. Beetle Crawls Across My Back
6. Transcribe And Dictate (Heavy Trad)
7. Window Of Possible Organic Development
8. Ubu Noir
9. Nose Dive
10. Hindu Monastery Breakfast

All tracks have been remastered for this collection and tracks 7 & 10 are previously unreleased mixes.

Also missed news that NWW are playing support to Current 93 at the HMV Forum, London on 28th May. The first time the two acts have shared the same stage. finally release Space Music on LP with limited edition picture disc completing their Records Are Not For Baking series of releases.

February 2010

dirter reports:

Behind the scenes at Dirter we've been extremely busy. The Nurse With Wound re-issue series is continuing and we are going back to the original master tapes to achieve the best possible results. We are delighted to say that the UK's finest mastering engineer, Denis Blackham, has been at the helm. Denis should need no introduction, as his expertise and huge legacy are second to none.

Here are a few pictures from the session where the restoration of "To The Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl", "Merzbild Schwet" and "The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion" took place. (Check out Dirter's web site)

What you will hear is genuine re-mastering - not tinkering too much, but using the best equipment and calling on Denis' (over) 40 years experience to get far and away the very best sounding versions yet. Stephen Stapleton has heard the results and is absolutely delighted with them. Further news of formats/release dates etc will be announced in due course.

They also announce the following forthcoming releases, amongst others:
"Like Swallowing Eclipses" - Current 93 Dreamt by Andrew Liles. Deluxe 6LP box set
Nurse With Wound - Huffin' Rag Blues. Vinyl release (different mixes to the CD)

In other news Katalin Varga gets a DVD release on 22-FEB-2010, at least in the UK.

December 2009

Some new and old news - catching up on some new I may have missed has two new Steven Stapleton prints available. Cooloorta Moon and The Tumultuous Upsurge are now available in a limited and signed edition of 30 prints. Cooloorta Moon has been fully restored and printed in its originally intended panoramic format. The Tumultuous Upsurge has also been beautifully restored and is a sister image to The Schm&#252;rz, both of which were featured artwork on Nurse with Wound's Homotopy to Marie LP. has issued Nurse With Wound "Space Music" on CD in two different packages.

The film "Katalin Varga" directed by Peter Strickland incorporates pieces of Nurse With Wound music

The All Tomorrows Parties DVD has been released and may or may not contain some Nurse With Wound footage. Further information available here

November 2009

Paranoia In Hi Fi hits the shops 30-NOV-2009 - if you can find it!

October 2009

dirter reports:

NURSE WITH WOUND : Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella DPROMDLP71

Regular edition of the long awaited re-issue of the timeless NWW debut release from 1979. Described by "Sounds" at the time as a record that "makes The Faust Tapes sound like Carousel". Nothing has changed to alter this view over the last 30 years, and to say that this work is the "Sgt. Pepper of the avant garde" would not be hyperbole.

2LP set in beautiful gloss laminated sleeve, including printed inners with the legendary "NWW list" as well as sleeve notes by Steven Stapleton. Includes the extra track "Strain, Crack, Break" (never previously available on vinyl) on side three and an etching on side four. reports on a new release "Paranoia in Hi-Fi"

A release to celebrate 30+ years of NURSE WITH WOUND whilst simultaneously being a homage to browsing, searching, chance finds, spending our last penny, random buys, BIG mistakes, best finds ever and to commemorate and thank all the wonderful wonderlands around the world that were and still are (in some cases) RECORD SHOPS...coming to all GOOD record stores... and hopefully a few bad ones as well is -






Paranoia in Hi-Fi collects 30 years of Nurse With Wound recordings in one easy to swallow CD.
This CD confirms what all Nurse With Wound followers have known for many years, and will open the ears for new listeners to the fact that Nurse With Wound have always been an outstandingly innovative and ceaselessly creative force. Never staying still NWW are unpredictable, disconcerting, humorous and always original. With a flagrant disregard and disinterest in musical styles, cliques or fashions the uniquely independent and autonomous NWW have made over 50 albums with no regard and no interest in their critical or commercial reception. Mixing the sublime with the ridiculous Steven Stapleton and NWW uncompromisingly carve their own distinct style that has a musical language and visual landscape entirely of its own. Drawing inspiration from far flung corners including DaDa, Perez Prado, Surrealism, Krautrock and whole cascade of other ideas NWW have created a diverse back catalogue of material from ambient classics (Soliloquy for Lillith) to the disturbed (Homotopy to Marie) and many other easy listening nightmares. NWW is an idyllic and fascinating tropical island way out there on a limb, the visitors who make it to their shores seldom ever want to leave. Paranoia in Hi-Fi covers almost all of NWW's wild and eclectic sinister whimsy and shows that in Steven Stapleton's world everything is possible...possible, possible.

September 2009

Robot Records has re-issued Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford's "Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish". A special edition 2xCD with fully restored original artwork and a bonus disc with previously unreleased mixes by Steven Stapleton and new mixes by Tony Wakeford, Andrew Liles, Irr. App. (ext.) and Brian Conniffe.

August 2009 reports

VOD66: Nurse With Wound "Flawed Existence" 4Lp-Box / 10" / SoundChip / T-Shirt (add. 2-Track 5" for members)
Almost 5 hours of sheer insanity by the ingenious music-alchemist Steven Stapleton and his project Nurse With Wound which has been active now for 30 years. Box contains early Nurse With Wound-Material produced from 1982-85! Two hours of their official tape-releases Scrag, Nylon Coverin and Mi Mort, more than one hour of compilation-tracks only released on tape-compilations and not available as Vinyl and more than one hour of their first 2 live performances in 1984 plus a 37 minute 10" with unreleased material from 1983 plus a one exclusive NWW Track on a Soundchip/Greetingcard. All in incredible packaging with T-Shirt. Members will furthermore recieve their edition with a 2-Track Bonus 5" Vinyl, all housed in a silkscreened velour cushion.

July 2009

Note from NWW Booking Agent
Please note the NWW show in Athens has been cancelled
But confirmed dates are:

29/08/2009 @ Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany

23/09/2009 @ Il Sacro Attraverso L'ordinario c/o MiTo, Torino, Italy, "Soliloquy For Lilith" with Blind Cave Salamander + Larsen & z'ev, TICKETS reports
Nurse With Wound "Space Music"
The CD will be packaged in a full color book bound gatefold sleeve with the first 500 copies in a hard bound slip case, numbered and signed. The LP will be packaged in a full color book bound gatefold sleeve and pressed on 220 gram vinyl. The first 200 copies will also include a bonus LP picture disc with numbered and signed art insert. (Note: This edition is only available to Records are not for Baking Subscribers). This release will be the most lavishly packaged release since the issue of NWW "Images/Zero Mix" book/cd. Space Music is a return to classic ambient/avant-garde Nurse.

Currently planned for a very late 2009 release will be Vol. One of Shipwreck Radio as a 4xLP vinyl set housed in a custom made wood box with a special edition containing a bonus LP and signed, numbered insert. Vol. Two will appear in 2010 also as a 4xLP vinyl set housed in a custom made wood box and a special ed. with bonus LP and signed, numbered insert. reports
Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton are thrilled and somewhat astonished to be invited to play two concerts with the legendary Mali musician Boubacar Traor&#233;. We are immensely looking forward to working with Boubacar on such a remarkable and unlikely collaboration.

More about Boubacar can be found at the following links

Andrew Liles - Steven Stapleton and Boubacar Traor&#233; play the following shows in France -

Sat, Oct 31, 2009, 20.00, 14 &#8364; / 10 &#8364;
Online ticketing
Festival in famous carousel
Paris Centre Pompidou,
Adress : Place G. Pompidou, 75004, PARIS
Phone: + 33(0) 33 0 1 44 78 12 33

Thursday, Nov 5, 2009, 20.00
14 &#8364;
Festival Musiques Volantes
Adress: Avenue Ney, 57 000, METZ

Phone : + 33(0) 3 87 39 92 00

ICR are selling a gatefold edition of "disconnected".

News from dirter:

We are very pleased to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for the first in the United Dirter series of Nurse With Wound vinyl re-issues.

It will be a 2 LP set with the extra track "Strain, Crack, Break" (never previously available on vinyl and appearing for the first time in any format in its intended unedited form) on side three and an etching on side four. There will a special edition and a regular edition of this release.

The special box set will be limited to 500 numbered copies only. Advance subscribers via this website ONLY will have a chance to order one of the first 250 copes, which will come with a signed fine art print.

It will consist of:

The double LP.

A T-Shirt with the legendary "NWW list" in luminous ink on a black shirt. All shirts will be in size "Large". The sets will be shrink-wrapped at factory level, so it is not possible to vary the sizes to order. However, we are offering a chance for anybody to purchase an extra shirt in another specific size, at cost price for the next two weeks. Please email and (important) state only "nww shirt" as the subject if you are interested.

A die cut pin badge of the front image

A beautiful fine art print of the iconic front sleeve on the highest quality art paper. The prints will be made using the original artwork, kindly entrusted to us by David Tibet from his personal collection. Each print will be signed by Steven Stapleton and numbered. It will be a faithful reproduction of the original art down to the finest detail. This is the closest we will get to owning the original artwork.

The collection will be housed in a superb printed matt laminated box, each individually numbered.

We are aware that many of you have been patiently waiting for this for some while now. The delay has been caused by us receiving prototypes of the intended polypropylene box and not being happy with them. So, we had to change the whole design and we're now delighted to offer a set that we feel is really special.

Please note that the shipping on this is very expensive. The packages will weigh well over 1.5 kilos and no copies will be sent uninsured. The cost price to us is far too high to take any chances. So, the shipping charge to your area will include either shipping via insured courier, or insured mail. Either way, the package will have to be signed for.

The pre-order subscriber's price for the set is £45 + shipping. We expect to ship this week beginning August 3rd. If this moves in any way, the website will be updated.

Orders will be accepted for the regular edition in two weeks time.

June 2009

Jnana Records have reissued Alice the Goon. This version replicates the 2000 reissue with a 4 panel digipak.

May 2009


Warp X is pleased to announce the UK premiere of All Tomorrow's Parties at the Edinburgh International Film Festival screening on 24 and 25 June. All Tomorrow's Parties is a kaleidoscopic journey into the parallel musical universe of the cult music festival of the same name.

All Tomorrow's Parties is a DIY concert film featuring performances from an eclectic mix artists including: A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Akron/Family, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Battles, Belle and Sebastian, Boards of Canada, Daniel Johnston, David Cross, Dirty Three, Eye (Boredoms), Fuck Buttons, Gossip, Grinderman, Grizzly Bear, GZA, Iggy and the Stooges, Jah Shaka, John Cooper Clarke, Les Savy Fav, Lightning Bolt, Mogwai, Mars Volta, Micah P Hinson, Mr Derry, Nurse with Wound, Octopus Project, Patti Smith, Portishead, Roscoe Mitchell, Saul Williams, Seasick Steve, Shellac, Slint, Sonic Youth, Two Gallants and Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

The film is a semi-found bricolage made from Super8, camcorder and mobile phone footage contributed by over two hundred filmmakers, fans and musicians over the festival's recent history, with key contributions from co-director Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) and cinematographer Vincent Moon (The Take Away Shows, Arcade Fire).

Future Cinema, in association with Warp Films, ATP and Synergy, will present the premiere of All Tomorrow's Parties as part of a unique live cinema event at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 24.  The film will be screened and brought to life in an immersive and 360 degree musical experience, including live performances from very special surprise guests.

For information and for ticket details:

News from dirter:

Coming very soon.

We are very pleased to announce that we will shortly be taking pre-orders for the first in the United Dirter series of Nurse With Wound vinyl re-issues.

Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella

It will be a 2 LP set with the extra track "Strain, Crack, Break" (never previously available on vinyl) on side three and an etching on side four. There will a special edition and a regular edition of this release.

The special edition will be limited to advance subscribers only.

It will consist of:

The double LP.

A T-Shirt with the legendary "NWW list" in luminous ink on a black shirt.

A beautiful screen print of the iconic front sleeve on the highest quality art paper. The prints will be made using the original artwork, kindly entrusted to us by David Tibet from his personal collection. Each print will be hand numbered and signed by Steven Stapleton and will be a faithful reproduction of the original art down to the finest detail. This is the closest we will get to owning the original artwork.

The collection will be housed in a custom made polypropylene box

April 2009

News from dirter:

The new full length CD from Nurse With Wound 'The Surveillance Lounge'

'The Surveillance Lounge' comes in two versions. Version one being the regular CD digipack with spot varnishing. Version two 'The Memory Surface' being the aforementioned CD in a polyprop box with 2 extra CDs. The content on the two extra discs are in part studio out takes, historical documents, the sequential evolution of an album and a primitive version of 'The Surveillance Lounge'.

'The Memory Surface' will ONLY be available mailorder from - and

NURSE WITH WOUND playing 'The Surveillance Lounge' were and are Steven Stapleton, Andrew Liles, David Tibet, Nadja Belabidi, Lynn Jackson, Ollie Mathura O'Keeffe, Freek Kinkelaar, Miranda Kinkelaar, Melon Liles and Maude Swift.


March 2009

News from Matt Waldron via the nww yahoo newsgroup:
Two new NWW CDs ('&#216;d Lot' and 'The Fleas of One Thousand Camels' were debuted at the SF show the other night and will be available in the online shops of Matt Waldron, Colin Potter, Andrew Liles in the next few days.
They are not limited editions or show exclusives.

News from dirter:

We are very close to announcing the start of the NWW vinyl re-issue series and pre-orders for the first one will be being taken very soon.

In the meantime, "The Bacteria Magnet" has had its final re-press in the shape of a picture disc, each record being individually "decorated" by Steven and Andrew. Info here:


available from dirter and Andrew Liles

Restyled the site

February 2009

From the babssantini myspace page:

Confirmed and coming from Nurse With Wound this year....
The Surveillance Lounge - Nurse With Wound - CD
The Bacteria Magnet - Nurse With Wound - Mini L.P Picture Disc
Huffin' Rag Blues - Nurse With Wound - Double L.P (one side engraved)
Paranoia in Hi-Fi - Nurse With Wound - CD
Also... at the Andrew Liles SHOP there is some very rare NWW discs for sale.

Also keep an eye out for "Faust At Schiphorst" CD - the last track of which presents the finale of Nurse With Wound's festival set and features Jean-Herv&#233; Peron and Steven Stapleton duetting on "Rock 'n' Roll Session".

The site will be subject to a makeover in the coming weeks - content should remain the same...don't get too excited.

January 2009

Jnana Records have added two new Nurse With Wound download albums to their list - along with a number of previously release albums. The new albums are More Automating and Lumb's Sister. It is understood that there maybe be more unreleased tracks in the pipeline in the near future.

December 2008
"Four new fine art prints are now available featuring a selection of early favourites from the Babs Santini archive.
They have implemented a new printing method and these latest editions are absolutely beautiful. Great care has been taken in the proofing process and the finished prints are virtually identical to the original artworks. As before, the featured prints are conservation grade.
Framing is highly recommended to maintain image quality and long-term preservation of the printing process.
Select pieces are also available as large format mega-prints. Please visit our store for more details. ts are also available in a larger format limited to 5 copies each."
Prints available are: The Schm&#252;rz, Sugar Fish Drink, The Missionary and Psilotripitaka.

Matt Waldron has announced that a Nurse With Wound show has been confirmed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco for Thursday, March 26th 2009. Tickets are already on sale at The intention is to arrange a short series of shows up the California coast following the Mexico City performance on March 20th, with Los Angeles and Big Sur presently being investigated. Only the SF date has been confirmed so far.

Some news I missed - Steven Stapleton appeared on WZBC doing a guest DJ spot on Friday November 21st.

October 2008

Nurse With Wound have entered into an audio/visual collaboration with Julia Kramer to produce a piece called "The Continuous Accident" The collection contains ten 12 " x 16 " archival photographic works and a full length studio album of recently recorded material specific to THE CONTINUOUS ACCIDENT ( United Dairies U.D.1164 ), unavailable elsewhere, housed in individually crafted handmade gatefold sleeves. All original artwork, signed and numbered by both artists. In addition, each set in this collection will also contain an original 12 x 16 inch painting by Steven Stapleton. Limited to 50 sets. Price 485 EUR (incl worldwide registered post). here

September 2008

The following NWW show is now confirmed:
15-FEB-2009 Kyttaro Athens Greece more info here:
21,22,23-NOV-2008 Boston US more info here: - Steven Stapleton will appear as a DJ.

Also NWW contribute two tracks to a recent (JUL-08) release called "Trunculence". It is a compilation of locked-grooves. First edition limited to 333 copies. 7" translucent red vinyl in 10" pro-print metallic silver and black jacket. Inserts are 8x8, two-sided black and white on Gilbert Bond Stock from the 1960s.

August 2008

The following NWW shows are now confirmed:
23/10/2008 @ DEAF, Dublin, Ireland
08/11/2008 @ Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, Poland + Andrew Liles + Blind Cave Salamander
20/03/2009 @ RADAR, Mexico City, Mexico

Nurse WIth Wound play at the opening of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival on Thursday 23rd October. Tickets are on sale now.

May 2008 have had issues with the production of the "Canned" special edition of Huffin' Rag Blues so there will be a delay in there distribution.

More interestingly they also report "the NURSE WITH WOUND vinyl re-issue series on United Dirter. This will kick off (obviously) with the seminal Nurse With Wound LP "Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella", expanded and beautified."

May 2008 are now accepting pre-orders for the following:


Available for order now after what seems like an eternity. The first 1000 copies of this will be a 2 LP set. This contains the "Disconnected" album on sides 1 & 2, and sides 3 & 4 contain exclusive previously unreleased Faust and NWW material. Side three is pure Faust, from the "Disconnected" session, three tracks totalling over 20 minutes. Side four is pure Nurse With Wound, one long track, clocking in at almost 10 minutes. The double LP will also be pressed in clear yellow vinyl and be housed in a beautiful gloss laminated gatefold sleeves.


This record is available as a black vinyl edition through the retail shops.
There are also 300 white vinyl copies being pressed. 100 of these will be distributed randomly with the black vinyl copies. The remaining 200 are available exclusively mail-order only. In addition to this, the mail order copies will be personally signed by Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles.


This screen printed metal box set comprises the following:

Huffin' Rag Blues CD in digipac.

Exclusive CD of 23 minute remix of "The Funktion of the Hairy Egg (Scrambled)", this track appears on the full length CD in a different guise, this extended version is exclusive to this set.

"Huffin' Rag Blues" Handkerchief - your very own huffin' rag.

"Huffin' Rag Blues" badge.

Personally signed Nurse With Wound photograph.


Regular edition in beautiful 6 panel gloss laminated digipac

More information on Wet Sounds can be found here: Tickets for the Nurse With Wound performance go on sale soon.

Some news from Colin Potter

Nurse With Wound will be making an appearance at the Avantgarde festival at Schiphorst. The festival runs from 4-6th July and they play on the 4th. Faust will also be playing. For more information:

The swimming pool event has now been moved to the 19th July

The Faust/Nurse With Wound Disconnected album will be out soon on vinyl, via Dirter Promotions, and will come with an additional 12", with new tracks from both bands. They now have listed "Huffin' Rag Blues (CD/LP)", "Disconnected" (LP) and "The Bacteria Magnet" (12" MLP). Pre-orders soon.

Also Nurse With Wound will be working on a split album with Italian band Larsen,to be released by Important Records

March 2008

Jnana Records and Dirter have announced they will be both be releasing 'Huffin Rag Blues' around June on CD and 2LP. Jnana for US and Dirter for the rest of the world. Dirter also have a new Nurse With Wound 12" listed 'The Bacteria Magnet'. They say they will be accepting pre orders for the 12" very soon. This will feature 4 tracks of exclusive re-mixes, only available on this record.

February 2008

ICR reports that "'Man With The Woman Face' is now with the manufacturers. In theory it will be available in 2 week's time,but as we all know, theories do not always prove to be true.The release will be available packaged with an a CD of bonus material.The bonus material will also be available separately".
"Colin Potter will be joining 93Current93 Unveiled to mix & manipulate in Moscow (April 12th) & Berlin (April 14th). Steven Stapleton & Andrew Liles will also be joining the band, in versions of early Current 93 albums. Colin Potter will also be playing a NWW based solo set at the Rhiz Club in Vienna on April 15th. This evening, presented by Walter Robotka, of Klanggalerie, is called 'I wanna be a registered Nurse' & is devoted to NWW.
NWW will also be playing at the annual Schiphorst festival,organized by Jean-Herve Peron of Faust. The festival line-up is very interesting & will feature Faust themselves. More details at :"

January 2008

Available now from Jnana Records "Nurse With Wound: Two Shaves and a Shine remix project CD" -

In issue 288 page 8 of The Wire magazine comes the following report "London Field Lido in East London is to play host to a live event this summer featuring Nurse With Wound, Chris Watson and Andrew Liles. Wet Sounds take place on 6 July 2008, and promises to see the audience "float in the pool immersed in sound". It will the first performance in a nationwide tour of swimming pools taking in ten cities."

Nurse With Wound + Blind Cave Salamander play at the Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, Poland 08-NOV-2008

Beta-Lactam Ring Records have announced new reissues/re-packaging and a book:
Images/Zero Mix (Deluxe Ed.)
Deluxe Edition (The book, the album "Zero Mix" plus the bonus album "Requital for Lady Day" packaged in full color heavy book bound cases, numbered and signed insert by S. Stapleton and all presented in an embossed hard-bound box, limited to 400 copies). Available late March 2008.

Images/Zero Mix (Standard Ed.)
STANDARD EDITION (Book plus the album "Zero Mix"). Hardbound book featuring paintings created to celebrate the release of the albums "Angry Eelectric Finger". The book also contains the album "Zero Mix" packaged in a book bound cd case.

The Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums
Available late Feb-early March 2008 on 220 gram dirty brown vinyl and a book bound LP sleeve.