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Does the 25th CD of 24 Hours come in the retail version or only the version directly from Mute?

It was not shrinkwrapped in the box. The box was sent to retailers and distributors before the 25th disc was manufactured and ready. So, most likely not.

What is the real deal with Peter not being listed as a member on many of the CDs?

Peter wasn't even in the original line-up and had to be 'encouraged' to join in the fun by ourselves and Genesis. Peter doesn't appear on some of the very early TG recordings and was 'front of house' sound engineer at early TG gigs. For an unbiased 'warts and all' story of Throbbing Gristle, we suggest any interested readers check out the new book by Simon Ford, entitled Wreckers Of Civilisation: The Story Of COUM Transmissions And Throbbing Gristle.

taken from a letter to "The Wire" by Chris and Cosey

Is a studio version of "Discipline" available?

To the best of my knowledge TG never did a studio version of "Discipline." They did release a 12" called "Discipline" with two rather mediocre (IMO) live versions, one recorded in Manchester and one in Berlin. If you want the best version (once again IMO) of the song check out the 'Funk Beyond Jazz' CD which is still available from Dossier (or even better if you find the tape 'Beyond Jazz Funk' which was the original release way back in the early 80's by Rough Trade) I think. If you want a really loooong version you should check out their gig at the Lyceum (the last one in the UK) -half of their set is made up of that song!!! The best way to get it is to buy the video 'Destiny' relased by Target Video (?) and dub it from that, otherwise there's a really poor, crappy, edited and generally crappy bootleg called 'Once Upon The Time' that also is made up of that gig. But I really canNOT recommend that one!

answered by Mikael Djurvall

I happened to stumble upon a copy of 'Five Albums' for sale in my local store... it was $140US. Is this a fair price?

Note that all covers have been changed from the originals. '2nd Annual Report' cover has the TG flash in reverse, 'DoA' cover has a picture of a topless girl on the bottom right of the cover (this is a different picture to that on the original LP.) If I remember correctly, it is the same picture as was used on the free calendar that came with the first copies of 'DOA.' I think the girl is Cosey's niece. She was also pictured on the poster that advertised the LP. The 20JFG cover has a naked body superimposed at the feet of TG. This figure was used in a collage that was printed in the first issue of Industrial News dated June 1978 [IR newsletter]. Heathen Earth cover has the numbers 1, 3 and 23 on the front. The original LP has 7, 34 and 23 respectively. Each cover has a black border. Besides the booklet, there should also be a badge in the box.

answered by David Minshall

I picked up: 'Rafters' and 'Once Upon a Time' and since im 200 miles from my record player, I'm wondering what to expect...

'Rafters' is superb—best-ever version of discipline, plus a great version of early 'favourite' very friendly included as tribute to Manchester serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Taken from the Lyceum gig (last one in England?). It's very good but short and misses out a lot of the best bit of the gig—"Discipline" at the end.

answered by Steve Anglesey

I have the 'Heathen Earth' CD and I'd like to know if the name of the tracks 1 to 8 is available somewhere, and if there are some lyrics or other info on that recording.

Tracklisting: as provided by Genesis P-Orridge

  1. Cornets (that's all we ever called it on gig sheets etc, boring hey!)
  2. The Old Man Smiled (this is a song I wrote. Originally I was messing about on my own in the Death Factory, at Martello St. I got a rhythm I liked on my COMPURYTHM drumachine. Then a fuzzed lead bass guitar sound. So I recorded it. Maybe 15 minutes or so. One section made it onto 20 Jazz Funk Greats as Six Six Sixties I believe. But I always wanted a longer version. So after I came up with a story telling lyric primarily about William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin in Tangiers and their stories of Captain Clark, boys etc I decided to do the NEW song on Heathen Earth. We did it live a couple of times too. At Oundle School for eg.) For Heathen Earth we used my original cassette as the basic track.
  3. After Cease To Exist (yes, a new version for Heathen Earth)
  4. The World Is A War Film
  5. Dreamachine (Brion Gysin LOVED this track. Said it was best music, equal with The Master Musicians Of Jajouka to use his dreamachine. The rhythm had already existed (one of Chris Carter's gems). So I always think happy thoughts of Brion, Bachir Attar and others listening with eyes closed in Paris at his apartment opposite the Beaubourg Museum in Rue St Martin. Ah, happy daze.)
  6. Still Walking (A permutation of "meaningless" phrases cooked up by myself and Sleazy, that were repeated over and over as the musics rythm gave shape to the shapeless. Chris and Cosey were shy of vocals at that time. It was partly a formula to get them to begin using their voices that I suggested based on Gysin's theories and my own experiences of gaining confidence with microphones simply by using them.)
  7. Don't Do As You're Told, Do As You Think (To be honest I think this is the weakest vocal track and lyric. Someone, a journalist or Sleazy or both suggested we should have a "positive" message! Ugh! Certainly Sleazy persuaded me to try and this is the resultant track. I still find it embarassing and wish I'd never listened to him. It would have been better as an instrumental. Ah well...)
  8. Painless Childbirth (Named after a 10 inch vinyl album I found in a junk shop from which the voice was stolen.)

Although some of 'Assume Power Focus' track times vary, I get the distinct impression that some of the live material on this album also is present on the TG Live set from Mute. Some of it sounds TOO similar to be different. Is there any detail on the origins of the live material from it?

"Industrial Reintroduction", LP sleeve says "Introduction" while labeled "Freedom Is A Sickness" on the CD, this track is the opening for the Industrial Records videos; "His Arm Was Her Leg (live)" and "What A Day (live)" are both on TG Live Vol. 3; "Dead'Ed (live)" may be on TG Live Vol. 2 or 1... (don't remember); "Sunstroke" is a different version (outake?) of a section off "In The Shadow Of The Sun"; "Heathen Earth (live)" is on TG Live vol. 4; "Urge To Kill (live)" is on TG Live vol. 2; and on the CD are also two Genesis tracks, "Leeds Ripper," and "A Debris Of Murder," to any Download fans, it's interesting that the vocal track to A Debris Of Murder and Download's "H-sign Influence" is almost identical.

answered by James Renihan

Have you heard anything about the (3) box sets supposedly being released 4.21.98?
If so, any idea what they will/won't include?

Box Set One, an individually numbered reissue, gathers up their earlist material: their first two lps, 1978's 'The Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle and 1979's D.O.A. plus TG CD 1, which features 42 minutes of previously unissued instrumentals from early 1979. Box set Two picks up where it's predeccessor left off, as it contains their final two studio albums: 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Heathen Earth, plus the 1981 release Mission of Dead Souls, a live album featuring their final show in San Francisco. The third box is the live 4 CD set Mute released originally in 1993.

answered by Mark Weddle

How good are the Throbbing Gristle Tribute records I've seen, such as Entertainment Through Pain (i think) on RRR records. Its got some great acts like Merzbow and Emil Beauliea doing TG covers/tributes... Anyone have it?

IMHO, "Entertainment Through Pain" is not as good as it could be. I think I've listened to it only once or twice. If you want a decent TG tribute, buy "WE HATE YOU" 7"+CD (on Norwegian JAZZASSIN label, lim.ed. of 500 or something). This one has MERZBOW, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, GEROGERIGEGEGE, JARBOE, MOURNING CLOAK... Very interesting and recommended.

answered by Zalkin

Are you Jon Savage?

No, Jon Whitney is the author of this web page and many other people make wonderful contributions.

About these records: Thee Psychick Sacrifice, Rafters/Psychic Rally, Very Friendly: The First Annual Report and Live At Death Factory. How hard are they to find? What are they like?

Thee Psychick Sacrifice is a really great 2LP of their concert at Ajanta Cinema Derby, I've seen it a couple of times, but that's here in Sweden so I don't have a clue if it's rare where you live. This concert is also released as a IRC so if you got that you don't need this (if your not a completist)...

answered by Mikael Djurvall

The Psychic Rally took place on 4 December 1980 at Rafters Club in Manchester England. There were many demons present. Some of us still have scars.

answered by Andre

Very Friendly—Can't call this a fav, more a collectors thing, but one of the best "bootlegs" around. Get it when you've got the official albums. Common. Have the LP and have seen the CD reissue around for some time.

Live At Death Factory originally came as a ltd ed of 50(!!) copies—impossible to find. Rereleased as a picture disc in at least 1355 copies. Cracky but enjoyable. Possibly the best gig on the 79 tour. Rare but nearly all the songs are included in the live box set from Mute.

Kreeme Horn, Journey Through A Body and Blood Pressure—I've seen these a couple times... are they worth getting?

Yep indeed they are. Blood Preassure is made up of excerpts from their Berlin gigs and some studiostuff, for instance the very long last track called Speed is also included a bit of on Very Friendly, it's also released in a different version on their studio IRC (I think it's IRC23) as Industrial Muzak and takes up all of the b-side. Kreeeme Horn seems to be entirely studio and it's almost 100% instrumental, the second track is also edited from IRC23... Journey Through A Body is the last record they did before they split up, it's a completely new studiosession well worth having. Though it's not one of my personal favourites.

answered by Mikael Djurvall

I have Funk Beyond Jazz and the track listing is obviously a little messed up and am wondering if there is a correct one?

The original issue of Beyond Jazz Funk was released on tape by Rough Trade (COPY009). Track list from original tape inlay:

    Side 1
  1. Invocation
  2. Summoning
  3. Rite of Death
  4. Persuasion
  5. Still Walking
  6. Eclipse (for Tanith)
    Side 2
  1. Murder of thee Abyss
  2. Tokyo Summer
  3. Spirits Flying
  4. Discipline
  5. Termination
I've not played it in a long time so can't recall if it is the correct order.

David Minshall

Greatest Hits—where is "Tiab Guls" from? Is it unreleased?

That's just Slug Bait backwards, it's from the Fetish backwards reissue of 2nd Annual Report. On that album however it's still called Slug Bait...

answered by Mikael Djurvall

Who has control of Side Effects Records?

Brian Lustmord

I remember going to a viewing of a series of short films at the Scala cinema in London—but not in any great detail—back in the late 80's early 90's. I vaguely remember a black and white film. If memory serves me right it was live footage of a TG gig in a sports hall with the camera panning backwards and forwards from stage to crowd—the crowd started off small and appeared to get smaller! Interspersed in this was footage of a castration—possibly of Chris Cutler—presumably staged! Do you have any information about this film? Or any of the other films shown—Dead Cat was definitely shown—but I'm sure there was at least a third. I imagine there may be other TG footage out there which has never been transferred to video.

The film is "After Cease To Exist". I think the live stuff was actually Coum. I saw it at TG's Manchester, Rafters gig.. (see reviews on my TG live pages) I think it was premiered at the Rat Club 1977-ish. Somewhere I have more details which I'll post when I can find them.

David Minshall

Anyone every heard or seen the film "Sex, Blood, and Mutilation?" I think Genesis P-Orridge is in it, but beyond that I know very little. It is showing near me and I'm going to check it out, so if anyone has any info. about it let me know.

It is a movie by Joe Christ and does in fact have Genesis in it. It is actually playing in quite a few cities now.

answered by Donna

Hey, some guy on the net is offering to sell DOA to me for $15. Now, that sounds like a lot to me. Is it rare/hard to find and thus worth it, or is this guy a little too money-hungry?

Depends on what format—new CDs go for like $12, so an old vinyl pressing may very well be 15$ depending on condition and version.

answered by Anthony

Is there any way I can get Throbbing Gristle CDs in North Carolina. Can I have the addresses to any mail-order catalouges that i can get TG and good industrial music (Cabaret Voltaire, ClockDVA, Einsturzende Neubauten....)?

Check the stores section on Brainwashed to see some of the places we recommend.

I have an original Fetish Records edition of Second Annual Report. I hear that there are only 2000 in existence. It has the line 'ASSUME POWER FOCUS' scratched into the disc (near the label). Do you know if this is a rarity? How much is it worth?

Well, it's as rare as a one in 2,000 pressing gets, less rare than some other pressings, more rare than the CD, however. In a case like this as with any rare record, you really need to find a collector to see how much they'll pay for it.

answered by Jakub Dorabialski

Is there any way to get any of TG's Box Sets?

The only boxed set of TG that is still in print is the LIVE box on Mute Records. Everything else is out of print, but you can occasionally find someone posting 24 Hours for sale for a alarmingly ridiculous price on usenet news groups.

Is "Very Friendly...." just their "Best of TG" cassettes volumes 0/1 on vinyl?

No: Very Friendly, if not originally intended as an album, collects material which predates 2nd Annual Report.

answered by Mark Kolmar

Why is it that TG has so many references to Nazis/Auschwitz death camp?/What is their significance to the evolution of the group?
These run the gamut from song titles, lyrics, visual imagery, and even the Industrial Records logo which is a picture of one of the Auschwitz crematoria.

There are several reasons for the frequent use of Nazi imagery by TG:

  1. Shock value
  2. The Nazi are a perfect example of how information in the form of propaganda can be used as a means of control.
  3. TG has a fetish for the grisly and sometimes murderous side of society. The Nazi's can be seen as the classic boogyman of the 20th century.
  4. They were such snappy dressers.

Just my thoughts about the subject.

answered by MindCntl23.

Do you happen to know the names of any porn mags which Cosey has appeared in and or the approximate time frames (years or months) or any issue #'s?

The 4 November 1980 issue of Industrial News published the following list of magazines featuring Cosey:

  • The Journal of Sex Vol.2 No.4
  • Rustler Vol.2 No.7
  • Miss Sadie Stern Vol.1 No.6
  • Partner Magazine Vol.1 No.9 (February 1980 issue)

Flowmotion released a cassette/magazine 'Time To Tell' about Cosey.

The following magazines were listed:

  • Fiesta Vol.10 No.7
  • New Direction Vol.4 No.4
  • Sex Fantasy Vol.1 No.10
  • Exposure Vol.2 No.1
  • Health & Efficiency No.922
  • New Direction Vol.5 No.8
  • Exposure Vol.2 No.7
  • Sexpert Vol.2 No.9
  • Exposure Vol.2 No.9
  • Park Lane No.4
  • Picadilly Int. Vol.1 No.10
  • Exposed Colour No.2
  • Journal of Sex Vol.1 No.1
  • Rustler Vol.2 No.7
  • Playbirds Vol.1 No.5
  • Club International Vol.5 No.8
  • Fiesta Vol.10 No.6
  • Probe Vol.6 No.1
  • Park Lane No.12

She is also featured on the front cover of The Sunday Times magazine 30 November 1980 and in an article on 'Women for Hire' (Cosey as a stripper in (and out) of a silver bikini)

answered by David Minshall

Have you ever heard of an album entitled 'Topless at Fridge'? I think that it is a picture disk with a topless woman bending over a fridge. I have never seen it, but spoke with a guy about three years ago who had it for sale at $80. I didn't get it, but have never seen or heard a reference to it and I have no idea what songs were on it.

Yes, this is the TG picture disc, Live at Death Factory, May 1979.
One side pictures a topless woman at a fridge, the other the TG logo.
There were 1355 copies.

Titles are:

  1. Weapon Training
  2. See You Are
  3. Convincing People
  4. Hamburger Lady
  1. His Arm Was Her Leg
  2. What A Day
  3. Persuasion
  4. Five Knuckle Shuffle

If memory serves me correctly it is the Manchester Factory concert of 18 May 1979, as released on IRC20.

answered by David Minshall

I have the TG video 'The Making of Heathen Earth.' In the video there is a TV set and when the image zoom on it appeares a white square on the image. Is some kind on censorship? (the TV set is playng a porno-movie or what?)

The TV features a porno-movie which is censored in the non-Industrial Records copies. Although on the copy I've seen the square is grey...

answered by Mattias Hanson.

Where do the lyrics for "Hamburger Lady" come from?

The lyrics are taken from the letter that is in the sleeve on the CD release of 'D.o.A' (I don't know if it's included at the LP). A funny bypass to the letter is that there is a true life story about W.S.B where a burned lady plays a role. I think it is included in the book, 'RE/search #4/5: The history of cut-up' which includes W.S.B, Gysin and TG.

answered by Mattias Hanson.