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2016 : New paradigms and spin

Thanks a million to all those who bought works through 2015.
This support has helped me hide away in the studio for
nearly two years now working across all angles.

Everything appears quiet with the label and myself
for the best of reasons.

I additionally abandoned playing live completely
through this time to dive deeper into all
works and possibilities.

During this time so much work has been created which
in time will be shared across all projects.

I can't tell you about any release plans at the moment but
they are exciting times here with many works at advanced
stages of construction.

I know a lot of people are waiting on re-presses of releases
and in particular 'An empty bliss beyond this World'.

All I can say is it will happen so please remain patient.

Please to add yourself to the mailing list for news
about that so you don't miss them.

There have been no label mailouts for nearly two years
this will change when new works are ready
to be shared and older works re-issued.

If during this time of silence you asked to be added
then you have been added and will receive news.

Thanks again for the support and interest in my works
and I look forward to repaying the faith and support
shown by you all by making the best new works possible.

The death of rave (A partial flashback)

A selection of tracks remembered from the mammoth 2006
V/Vm project 'The death of rave'.

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Mailing List.

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Add yourself to the mailing list.

Or Email vvmtest@gmail.com to be added.

The last mailout was in September, 2014.
News will be forthcoming.

Finding physical editions of all works.

When new releases are available in Britain and the EU I would recommend Boomkat and Norman Records who stock all releases.

In North America Forced Exposure
are handling distribution and direct sale

Represses are planned.

Social Media.

Leyland Kirby Soundcloud
has been updated with all recent releases
and will be updated with all the new works
when they are released.

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Recent interviews and reviews.

Check out some reviews of 'The death of rave'
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conducted an interview focussing
more on The Stranger's work.