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April 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates in the last year or so.
Finally I will be sending an email to the mailing list soon as
History Always Favours The Winners kicks back into releasing action through the rest of 2014.

Time for a brief update now with more news to follow.
Volume 4 of Intrigue & Stuff has been mastered and cut and will be available on vinyl in early May. The whole series of all four volumes will then be finally made available to purchase digitally.

That will be followed by a selection of eight-tracks taken from the V/Vm ''death of rave'' project which have been re-mastered for vinyl release. Full news about this will be coming very soon.

Work is ongoing on a new Caretaker album, more Leyland Kirby works and new Stranger material.

Soundcloud has been updated with all recent releases and will be updated with all the new works when they are released.

Don't forget to drop me an email to be added to the
mailing list.

Add yourself to the mailing list.


Finding physical editions of my works.

All releases are more or less currently sold out.
There will be re-presses from time to time.
When this happens they are distributed as follows.

In Britain and the EU I would recommend
Boomkat and Norman Records who stock all releases.
In North America Forced Exposure are handling
distribution and direct sales.


My latest work as The Stranger entitled
'Watching dead empires in decay'
was released on Modern Love
and can be streamed digitally above.