Invisible Route SixSixSix compilation Invisible Records INV666 1995 (67:28)

Evil Mothers "Cruise A Fix" (4:45)
Horsey "Redlines" (3:50)
Dead Voices on Air "To Which Heart" (2:10)
Lick "Diseased" (2:36)
Evil Mothers with Pigface "Sick/Asp/F**k" (5:12)
Martin Atkins "The Torture is Over" (2:04)
Horsey "Abuser1Abuser2" (4:00)
Gawk "This is What" (5:21)
Evil Mothers "Sick Culture" (6:31)
Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV - excerpt from "A Hollow Cost" (9:33)
Evil Mothers "Blowtorch" (4:46)
Dead Voices on Air "Madrid Codex" (3:13)
Lab Report - excerpt from "Ascend" (7:56)
The Order of the Beak "Happiness Alone" (4:59)

Overall impression: blah. This disc compiles tracks from several of Invisible's bands around the time of the "Route666" tour. At that time, I wasn't paying much attention to Invisible because I just didn't like the experimental rock stuff (Horsey, Gawk, Lick, Evil Mothers) that made up a good portion of the roster. The highlights on this comp, in my opinion, are the DVOA, Lab Report and Order of the Beak (who never released an album on Invisible oddly enough) experimentations, along with the Evil Mothers tracks (they've grown on me over the years). A nice comp for anyone into the bands and/or who saw the 666 tour. Myself, I prefer the more recent Drug Test series of compilations that feature more experimental / drum 'n bass groups.

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