Jansky Noise "The Cuckoo" LP VVMT G/B 2001 (32:15)

Side 1 (16:23)

Hats OFF 2 The haTTers
Flop it on my M>etal Drill
I dream of Jeanie with a parrot in her hair
Unknown Crow MiMics a CorMoR(e)ant and gets DRowned
-WAKE UP+----(I want to forget), but I always think of it
  (The Dance of the Innovator)

Side 2 (15:52)

DiE Quicker  *By the Will of Cue, Brick or Hammer
Crazy with LOVE  -  ALLEBASI Timbrella
Swashbuckle  GLOG---op
Roaming in the gloaming with SCOTTISH pie by my side
Rapid Racing  *Aerial Artery
Graceful Flapjack
-end -:[]

"The Cuckoo" is the full length debut from Jansky Noise, a solo effort of one of the V/Vm lads.  The zip locked LP is a gorgeous green/black splattered vinyl and is "part 3 of an ongoing series of colour coded distressed audio" releases, the previous ones being Noise/Girl's "Discopathology" and V/Vm's "Masters of the Absurd".  Side 1 begins with a few tracks worth of heavily processed loops that approach a Merzbow-ian level of noise assault.  The remainder of the side calms things down considerably, but only after a passage of disruptive human snoring paired with bird squawks.  This eventually tapers down to an odd but soothing sort of ambient experience that includes a sound reminiscent of a distant cruise ship horn and a bit of effected music box.  Side 2 alternates between mercurial and mellow tracks.  Patsy Cline's classic rendition of the Willie Nelson penned "Crazy" is given the classic V/Vm treatment, pitch shifted and slowed down to a creepy crawl.  "Roaming in the gloaming with SCOTTISH pie by my side" (you gotta love those whacky titles) is an impressive example of pastoral/industrial ambiance just past sun down.  "Rapid Racing" revs up and shifts through high pitched frequencies, coming to an abrupt stop for the finale:  a relatively untouched Andrews Sisters' "Money is the Root of All Evil".  "The Cuckoo" is another thoroughly fun and diverse 32 minutes of lunacy from the V/Vm camp.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cringe, you'll smile.  Be sure to check the revamped V/Vm site October 22nd ...


Where did I get this cd? - mail order via Riouxs Records.

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