Bed "The Newton Plum" lci d'ailleura... IDA 010 2001 (36:21)

Moonlight (3:11)
Nightcap (3:30)
An Itch (4:44)
Tangle One (2:43)
Rain On (1:09)
The Whimps (3:32)
Underseas (5:47)
Iconic (3:14)
The Lucky Hand (3:51)
Whatnots (4:40)
Bed are a French group led by Benoit Burello, presumably at least the vocalist and pianist, and this is their debut for French label Ici d'ailleura.  Austere is the word that immediately comes to mind when listening to these ten very sleepy, very subdued songs.  Mildly jazzy keys, guitar, bass, strings and winds just barely blanket the spaces in and around Burello's unassuming, almost spoken word vocals (all in English, best I can tell).  It's all very casual, very quiet, very slow, very relaxed and, in some way I can't quite adequately explain, very French.  And 36 and 1/2 minutes later it's time for bed.  There's not too much in the way of memorable melodies or lyrics really, just briefly used or underdeveloped phrases.  They're all pretty but too often they come and go with frustrating ease, such as the way "An Itch" begins to build a promising groove then aborts it less than a minute later or the gorgeous piano refrain of "The Whimps" is best used in conclusion.  Oh well.  C'est la Vie!

Bed at lci d'ailleura ...

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