V/Vm "Sick Love" V/Vm Test Records Offal03 2000 (71:56)

The Best Baby (1:51)
Stay Anuvva Day (4:25)
The Lady in Red (is Dancing With Meat) (4:09)
I Need Lard (4:12)
Goodies Pal's ....s (edit) (:56)
Only You ba da da da (3:18)
Two Can Play That Gammon (2:33)
Just the Way You Are (4:36)
Say Nothing at All (3:35)
Take My Beef Away (4:06)
Sex You Up (:50)
Words..... (4:01)
The Other Side (3:27)
For Evver and Evva (3:35)
A Perfect Moment (3:30)
Blue Thighs (Baby's Got) (3:47)
Do You Want to Know a Sick-Rat? (2:06)
Spud Girls Two Become 1 (3:53)
Angels (3:56)
Moma Mia Tordis (1:37)
On My Own Why Did It End (4:31)

It was only a matter of time!  V/Vm tap the bottomless well of cheesy love songs as source material for this disc.  If any one 'genre' needed a good poking at it's this one and who better to do it than whacky meat lovin' fellas from the UK?  Per usual for V/Vm "covers" the original tracks are borrowed then bathed in effects, deflated and de-tuned through pitch shifting and occasionally sliced and diced.  Most of the songs are easily recognizable (especially for children of the '80s like myself) but amusedly altered, though the treatments here are not nearly as harsh as the Merzbow-like noise assault of those on "The Green Door" cd.  Some of the victims, spanning the '70s to present:  East 17 "Stay Another Day", Bobby Brown "Two Can Play That Game", Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are", Berlin "Take My Breath Away", The Bee Gees "It's Only Words", Elton John "Blue Eyes" and Robbie Williams "Angels" and, as a final act of musical sacrilege, The Beatles "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" and John Lennon "Imagine" (the 22nd hidden track).  Of special note are the following:  Chris De Burgh's once innocent "The Lady In Red" (also available on 7" and edited on "The Green Door") is now downright sinister as it crawls out of the speakers.  LL Cool J's unbelievably wretched "I Need Love" becomes digital silly putty as lines of silly lyrics are looped and run through the gamut of audio tricks.  Ronan Keating's insipid "When You Say Nothing At All" and The Spice Girls sickly sweet "2 Become 1" are obliterated almost beyond recognition - perhaps due to their more recent copyright dates.  "Sick Love" is fun and funny but the theme and gimmick get a bit old after awhile.  Too many songs are simply slowed and pitch shifted down so you're still listening to the same (mostly) shitty songs ... only slower.  I prefer the more creative variety of "The Green Door" ...


Where did I get this cd? - mail order via Forced Exposure.

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