Brainwashed Archives Projects

Thank you to everyone who has supported the launch of Threshold Archives. It is something to be proud of. It has made a lot of people very happy to have the beginnings of the project Peter began finally come to light after so many years. The first phase accomplished its goals: to establish it as a viable entity, to be affordable, available, to preserve the legacy, and work as a model to compensate contributors and survivors when bootleg practices and exploiters run rampant worldwide.

In order to continue, however, it is necessary to step away and let someone else take responsibility. The new custodian of Threshold Archives has the infrastructure to meet the requirements, manage accounting and royalties, and establish a trust dedicated to reaching agreements with various stakeholders fairly and ethically.

Brainwashed will only serve in a wholly unpaid advisory capacity from here on. The project is temporarily on hold while the details are being worked out. All apologies to those who have missed the first run but please be patient and try to resist temptation to pay scalpers and opportunists on the auction sites and trading sites.

Thank you again.

Brainwashed Archives is the only establishment that has been authorized to reissue COIL music from the vaults.

All other materialization of COIL music: physical, digital, ether, or any other form from this point onward should be regarded as unauthorized.

There is a trail of conversations from electronic and snail mail to back this up and much more information will be revealed in due time.

    "Backwards was started in London directly after LSO, move to New Orleans, developed a lot, moved back to Weston, and thence to Bangkok. Brainwashed will be releasing one or maybe two cd collections documenting this history later in the year, and these along with all other demos and recordings of any interest,..."

    - Peter Christopherson, May 2010