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The following is the first set from Brainwashed Archives. The entire Greater Than One catalogue from 1987-1991 (including the entier WaxTrax! years) has been delicately remastered and is being re-introduced with hours of music never before on CD, along with enhanced content of MP3s, images, press releases, quotes, and music videos. All are available now in Brainwashed Commerce.

Greater Than One, "All the Masters Licked Me"
Cover Image GTO's 1987 release was their first full LP. Trust was its first attempt and later issued on LP and cassette. Both are collected together and issued on CD for the first time, mastered from the original digital production masters. Enhanced content includes unbroken MP3 files for those who want to play the music on their computer but don't want to interrupt the continuity that was part of each original LP release.
It comes with a bonus sleeve for the CD of Kill the Pedagogue

Greater Than One - All the Masters Licked Me

  1. Exorcising Julie - [MP3]
  2. The Intelligence of Natives
  3. The Sweet Smell of a Supermarket On Fire
  4. Trendy Afrika
  5. Everything Is In a State of Flux
  6. The Rape of Sam the Fox (Theme)
  7. Kill That Parent
  8. Lost Underground
  9. We Don't Have Weekends
  10. We Are the People with the Human Fist
  11. Psychotherapy
  12. Sweet Satellite
  13. We Hate America and America Hates Us
  14. We're O.K.
  15. Dick Heads - [MP3]
  16. Slog On (Dead Beat)
  17. Straight Plague
  18. Bad Love

enhanced content:

  • photos
  • PDF libretto with words from Michael Wells and others
  • side A (unbroken MP3)
  • side B (unbroken MP3)

Greater Than One - Trust

  1. Trust part one
  2. Trust part two

enhanced content:

  • photos
  • "art book" reproduction

Greater Than One, "London"
Cover Image This expands GTO's classic WaxTrax! release London, to include other material recorded from 1988: Dance of the Cowards (the album's first incarnation); Duty (music from a performance at the time); along with two rare compilation tracks.
A bonus DVD includes music videos for "I Don't Need God," "Utopia," and projections from their live performances.

Greater Than One - London

  1. Now Is the Time (12" mix) - [MP3]
  2. Everybody's Crazy (Except Us)
  3. Techno Golden Beat
  4. Peace
  5. Slave
  6. Computer Dub
  7. Deep Shake
  8. Liberation
  9. Brick Lane - [MP3]
  10. The Dark Streets of London
  11. The Rose, the Cross & the Flag
  12. Crisis

enhanced content:

  • photos
  • cover images
  • PDF libretto with words from Michael Wells and others

Greater Than One - Dance of the Cowards

  1. Now is the Time
  2. Song For England
  3. The Truth
  4. Kunst = Kapital
  5. All the Masters Licked You
  6. Dance of the Cowards
  7. All Men Are Boys
  8. I Know Everything
  9. Dear Ol' Blighty
  10. Funk It
  11. Peace - Beatbox Inc. re-edit

enhanced content:

  • photos
  • cover images


  • "I Don't Need God" (music video)
  • "Utopia" (music video)
  • "Pure" (music video)
  • projections

Greater Than One, "G-Force"
Cover Image Features the classic WaxTrax! recordings from 1989: the entire G-Force LP, I Don't Need God and Utopia singles as well as videos for "I Don't Need God" and "Utopia" as enhanced content.
A third disc collects the 1991 EP "Index" as well as unreleased music, including music from "Video Drug 1".

Greater Than One - G-Force

  1. G-Force
  2. Ich Liebe Dich Mein Prinz
  3. Learn With Pleasure, Knowledge is Power
  4. Black Magic
  5. Alpha 5
  6. The Man Who Lived In Books
  7. The Ballad of the 3 Feathered Sardines
  8. Why Do Men Have Nipples? - [MP3]

enhanced content:

  • photos
  • PDF libretto with words from Michael Wells and others


  1. I Don't Need God
  2. Ignorance is the Agent of Fear
  3. Fear is the Agent of Violence
  4. Utopia A
  5. Utopia AA
  6. Utopia Minuet

enhanced content:

  • cover images
  • I Don't Need God (.mov)
  • I Don't Need God (.m4v for iPods)
  • Utopia A (.mov)
  • Utopia A (.m4v for iPods)

Greater Than One - Index

  1. Joy
  2. Metal
  3. Voice
  4. Dub Killer - [MP3]
  5. Harmony
  6. Hair/Spirits (Lu & La)
  7. Pathway/Entrance
  8. Spin/Fall - [MP3]
  9. August/Bondage
  10. Memories/Scissors
  11. I'm Gonna Whoop Your Ass
  12. Storm the Dancefloor
  13. Take It Easy
  14. Joy - Killjoy edit