Live 2 June 1996
1996 Live FR Nevers
Festival Musiques Ultimes II
Track Listing
  1. In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There
  2. Calling For Vanished Faces II
  3. All The World Makes Great Blood
  4. The Great, Bloody And Bruised Veil Of The World
  5. The Descent of Long Satan And Babylon
  6. Horsey
  7. All The Pretty Little Horses
  8. This Carnival Is Dead And Gone
  9. When The May Rain Comes
  10. The Bloodbells Chime
  11. Dormition And Dominion
  12. So: This Empire Is Nothing
  13. This Shining Shining World
  14. A Sadness Song
  15. Lucifer Over London
David Tibet - vocals
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Karl Blake - bass
Joolie Wood - bells, violin and recorder
Review by Darkblue (originally posted on Pri's Current 93 website):

"I guess most people came to Nevers because of Tibet's appearance. - And I must say, he gave what people expected. I was delighted by his stage appearance and his humor. His songs were mainly from TMP, Of Ruine and All the Pretty Horses. He ended the show with an excellent version of Lucifer Over London, with Joolie Wood and son backing him up with bells. Michael Cashmore proved to be an excellent guitar player, whereas Karl Blake (?) tended to lag a bit with the bass. I hope I will see C93 once again, it was worth hitch-hiking 2000 km for this."

Review by Hugo and Linn (originally posted on Pri's Current 93 website):

"...First a few words about the festival in general. It was held in a baroque theatre (as advertised). This was wonderful and the acoustics were great. As a matter of fact the sound quality was excellent for all the performances, and this coupled with the intimacy of the theatre (which had three stories of balconies) and a great audience (quiet while the bands played and enthusiastic inbetween) made the settings for the performances as near perfect as we can think of. In the breaks between the bands it was possible to buy refreshments in the bar as well as records, and the artists were mingling with the audience. We've never seen so many interesting records assembled in one place, and if we hadn't already borrowed money for the plane-tickets from Norway to France, we probably wouldn't have been able to carry our bags back home... In short the setting was all anyone could wish for...

Current 93: This has to be the best concert we've ever been to. The selection of songs were immaculate and the sound great with Karl Blake's bass lending the songs greater weight than on the records. The performance was in our opinion better than any other live performance we've heard by C93 either on bootleg or on the official releases. As far as we can remember they played the following songs (not in this order though): [song listing]. There could of course be some slight mistakes here, but at least we think we heard these songs."

Review from the German magazine Die Pest:

"David Tibet turned out to be a very nice and no guest's request was too much. Even at the first gig he (along with Michael Cashmore and Karl Blake) mixed with the audience who shared interest in this person, he excelled in his knowledge of languages and answered all questions. Of course some of the press (e.g. Sigill) tried to persuade him to do an interview, but luckily he made no exceptions.

When the curtain lifted for the last gig on Sunday the hall was lit up by camera flashes and it was obvious that we were not the only ones who made a long trip to see Current 93. David Tibet gave the crowd what they wanted. He opened with 'In The Heart Of The Wood' followed by about an hour of material from all of their releases since 'Thunder Perfect Mind'. While Michael Cashmore pulled the musical sounds from the background with his brilliant guitar work, Joolie Woods delighted us by playing violin and flute but Karl Blake seemed to be very overtaxed with playing bass several times. Most of the whole audience's attention was on David Tibet. You could not escape his charismatic, expressive nature and gestureful appearance. In the end the band showed a lot of humor, David Tibet fetched Joolie Woods little son to the stage and the gig ended with a loud and weird version of 'Lucifer Over London'."

Pre-show information:

MUSIQUES ULTIMES II : a very special French festival
This an annoucement for the second edition of the French festival Musiques Ultimes which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June 1996. It will take place in NEVERS (FRANCE), 3 hours from PARIS by train approximatively. It is limited to 300 persons because of security problems in the lovely baroque theatre where the event happens.

The groups performing are as follows:


Last year's festival featured a special Nurse With Wound one-sided LP called "Alice the Goon", limited to 500 copies and made specifically to be sold at the festival as a souvenir. This year features a special Deutsch Nepal LP to be sold during and only during the festival, entitled "the very top of Lina baby doll".

The festival is organized by NOISE MUSEUM, a well-known distributor of industrial and electronic material (at the head of which you find the great and only Yann Farcy, if you remember the Invitation au Suicide label).

At this point, it appears that the festival is sold out. However, for information you can contact the following numbers:

Phone +33 80 30 42 73
Fax +33 80 30 44 96

English info about the festival is printed now and you can ask for it at the following address (please send one IRC):

21000 DIJON
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