Live 6 January 1993
1993 Live FR Paris
Passage De Nord-Ouest
Track Listing
  1. Silence As Christine
  2. They Return To Their Earth
  3. imperium V
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - stick guitar, percussion and vocals
Joolie Wood - violin
"We don't speak French; sorry! Try Esperanto..."

This was actually a Death In June concert following the previous night's Current 93 show, but the encore for Death In June included these three Current 93 songs.

From a review by Jean-Christophe in an unknown French publication:

"After sixty minutes in concert, DEATH IN JUNE is withdrawn for a summary execution of CURRENT 93 (ten minutes). Change of musicians, David goes to the microphone, a violinist arrives and DOUGLAS guards his guitar, but will remain discrete and in retreat during these three titles just like the leader of CURRENT 93 had been during the beginning of the evening."
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