Live 6 October 1983
1983 Live UK Hammersmith, London
Clarendon Hotel
Track Listing
  1. Maldoror Est Mort [durtro039]
David Tibet - vocals
John Murphy
Roger Smith
Derek Tompkins
John Fothergill
A recording of this concert was released much later on the Current 93 present: Dogs Blood Order EP. This concert took place during the brief time when Current 93 were known as Dogs Blood Order or Dogs Blood Rising, but this was to be the final time they would appear under that name. They played with Death In June this night for the first time, Tibet having just met Douglas P. earlier in September.

"DBR's bassist David Tibet told me it was good, everyone else thought it was shit. Take your pick."
--Philip Best of Whitehouse, 1983

"Three people clapped at the end of [this] concert. They were being sarcastic."
--David Tibet, 1997
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