Live 7 April 2001
2001 April Live UK London
Bloomsbury Theatre
Track Listing
  1. Introduction: Palace Gate (In Memory of Martyn Sinnott) - Jeremy Reed
  2. Good Morning Great Moloch
  3. Calling For Vanished Faces II
  4. Immortal Bird
  5. All The World Makes Great Blood
  6. Niemandswasser
  7. Red Hawthorn Tree
  8. The Bloodbells Chime (dedicated to David's Mother and Father)
  9. In the Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There (alternate intro)
  10. Fields Of Rape
  11. Walking Like Shadow (dedicated to Heather)
  12. So: This Empire Is Nothing
  13. Mockingbird
  14. Antichrist And Barcodes
  15. The Signs In The Stars
  1. Larkspur And Lazarus
  2. Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still
  1. Oh Coal Black Smith
  2. A Gothic Love Song
  1. A Sadness Song
David Tibet - vocals
Maja Elliott - piano
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Antony - backing vocals on "A Gothic Love Song"
Gary Ramon - electric guitar
Sam Mannox-Wood
Rose McDowall - vocals
Karl Blake - bass
Joe Budenholzer
This was the second night of two nights of performance by Current 93 at The Bloomsbury Theatre. Pantaleimon and Antony and the Johnsons opened the show. The performances by Current 93 these two nights were described as more subdued and fragile than their other recent concerts, but very beautiful. All the musicians joined Tibet and Maya Elliott onstage for a rousing rendition of "Coal Black Smith" during the encore, and Antony sang backing vocals for Tibet on "A Gothic Love Song". The Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London CD later featured some tracks from this concert.

Thanks to Jose Pacheco for information about the show.
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