Live 12 April 1991
1991 Live UK Harlseden, London
The Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room
Track Listing
  1. Benediction
  2. The Summer Of Love
  3. Death Of The Corn
  4. Song For Douglas
  5. Earth Covers Earth
  6. Be
  7. Black Sun Bloody Moon
  8. Hooves/Horsey
  9. Leper Lord - Death In June
  10. Torture By Roses - Death In June
  11. Heaven Street - Death In June
  12. Fall Apart - Death In June
  13. Coal Black Smith
  14. Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
  15. They Return To Their Earth
  16. Angel
  17. A Sadness Song
  18. Black Flowers Please
  19. In Sacrilege - Death In June
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - vocals and guitar
The number of tickets for this small show were limited to 93, with around 200 people standing around outside and tickets changing hands for 40-50 pounds a piece. Halfway through the set four Death In June songs were performed as well. The opening act for this night was a puppet show, ala Punch and Judy, apparently by Steve Ignorant and scripted by him.

Thanks to Robert for information about this show.

Thanks to Wouter Hiltrop for revised set list