Live 13 April 2008
2008 April Live DE Berlin
Die Volksbühne
Track Listing
  1. Intro: Afternoon Delight
  2. Niemandswasser
  3. Dogun
  4. Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept)
  5. Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)
  6. Locust
  7. Christ And the Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow
  8. Birth Canal Blues I: I Looked To The Southside Of The Door
  9. Birth Canal Blues II: She Took Us To The Places Were The Sun Sets
  10. Birth Canal Blues III: The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom
  11. Birth Canal Blues IV: Suddenly The Living Are Dying
  12. Black Ships Ate the Sky
  13. Coal Black Smith
Thanks to Wouter Hiltrop for the set list