14 January 2007
2007 January Live UK
Brainwashed Podcast #93
Track Listing
  1. Hum A Silent Prayer (from Compathia) - Six Organs Of Admittance
  2. The Sun Is Bored (from Bill Fay) - Bill Fay
  3. Plan D (from Time Of The Last Persecution) - Bill Fay
  4. Then Kill Csar (from Black Ships Eat The Sky) - Current 93
  5. On The Mountain At Dawn (from Variations On A Theme) - Om
  6. Rambleaway (from Anthems In Eden) - Shirley and Dolly Collins
  7. Distance Between Us Part 1 (from Distance Between Us) - Don Bradshaw Leather
  8. Life Child (from Space Hymns) - Rameses
  9. How God Moves At Twilight (vocals by Antony) (from The Snow Abides) - Michael Cashmore
  10. Alone Again Or (from Forever Changes) - Love
  11. Jerusalem (from Pass The Distance) - Benedictine Nuns of St. Cecilia Abbey
  12. The Litany Of The Virgin - Benedictine Nuns of St. Cecilia Abbey
David Tibet plays some of his favourite songs as well as new tracks and his current favourite Current 93 track.