Live 16 May 1991
1991 Live UK New Cross, London
The Venue
Track Listing
  1. Summer Of Love
  2. The Death Of The Corn
  3. A Song For Douglas (After He's Dead)
  4. Be
  5. Black Sun Bloody Moon
  6. In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There
  7. Hooves/Horsey
  8. Oh Coal Black Smith
  9. Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
  10. They Returned To Their Earth
  11. A Sadness Song
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - vocals and quitar
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Joolie Wood - vocals, violin and recorder
James Mannox - drums
Death In June
Sol Invictus

This show came at the end of a tour of Germany.
Tickets for this show apparently were mistakenly printed to say the show was on June 16 rather than May 16.

Review excerpt from The Fifth Path magazine:

"Current 93 were next to follow and after a brief intermission as the roadies rearranged the instruments on stage, C93 climbed onto the stage and took their places.

The stage was a bit more elaborate this time though it still lacked ornamentation. Emphasis was placed on percussion and a kettle drum was set up along with other drums. Two acoustic guitarists took their places, one of these being Douglas P. of Death In June who went almost unrecognized at first.

David Tibet entered the stage carrying a rolled up carpet carefully under both his arms. He cradled the object as if it afforded him some sense of great security. He shuffled to the center of the stage and unrolled the small carpet and displayed it to the audience. The small nursery rug bore the cartoon image of Noddy the Gnome. The audience roared at the sight, and a few members of the audience displayed small figures of Noddy in return. Tibet quickly put the rug away and took his place at the microphone alongside Joolie Wood of Sol Invictus who took on Rose McDowall's duties for this night very well.

The set began with "(This Ain't The) Summer of Love." Joolie Wood commanded the violin throughout the night as Tibet sang into the microphone red faced and with all the determination of a televangelist. He leaned towards the audience with his eyes bulging, and his free hand moving like that of a conductor, to accent the rhythm of his words.

Tibet was almost childlike in his mannerisms with his shoeless feet, facial expressions and the Noddy the Gnome sleeveless T-shirt. His leather pants and tattoos said otherwise, and his performance was both serious and mature.

Joolie Wood's violin playing was full of flavor and inspiring. She also played the recorder and sang back-up vocals.

C93 has a presence live that is unequaled by their recordings. The percussion resounded throughout the club and the acoustics carried the beauty of their music. Tibet would interact with the audience and toss about his wit and humor. He even went so far as to take requests to which he would respond to with a gleeful 'yes' or a decisive 'NO'. With a sincere 'thank you' from Tibet, C93 ended their set and left the stage."
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