Live 19 June 2004
2004 Live CA Toronto
St George-the-Martyr Anglican Church
Track Listing
  1. Intro [durtrojnana2004]
  2. Alone [durtrojnana2004]
  3. Red Hawthorn Tree [durtrojnana2004]
  4. All The World Makes Great Blood [durtrojnana2004]
  5. The Signs In The Stars [durtrojnana2004]
  6. 4 Hypnagogue 4 [durtrojnana2004]
  7. Mary Waits In Silence [durtrojnana2004]
  8. The Inmost Light Itself [durtrojnana2004]
  9. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape [durtrojnana2004]
  10. Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still [durtrojnana2004]
  11. Black Sun Bloody Moon [durtrojnana2004]
  12. They Returned To Their Earth [durtrojnana2004]
  13. So, This Empire Is Nothing [durtrojnana2004]
  14. The Shining Shining World [durtrojnana2004]
  15. The Blue Gates Of Death [durtrojnana2004]
Michael Cashmore
Graham Jeffery
Simon Finn and Six Organs Of Admittance supported.