Live 20 April 2007
2007 April Live AT Krems
Donau Festival
Track Listing
  1. (Popcorn intro)
  2. Intro
  3. Judas As Black Moth
  4. Time Of The Last Persecution
  5. Sunrise
  6. Black Ships Ate The Sky
  7. Mary Waits In Silence
  8. Alone
  9. Then Kill Caesar
  10. Larkspur and Lazarus
  11. Where The Long Shadows Fall
  12. Idumaea
  13. Niemandswasser
  14. Good Morning Great Moloch
  15. Maldoror Is Dead
  16. The Bloodbells Chime
  17. Bind Your Tortoise Mouth
  1. Idumaea (performed by Bonnie Prince Billy)
  2. Lucifer Over London
  3. 666 (Sick Sick Sick)
  4. Oh Coal Black Smith
David Tibet - vocals
Maja Elliott - grand piano
John Contreras - cello
Ben Chasny - guitar
William Breeze - viola and mandolin
Baby Dee - harp and accordion
Simon Finn - guitar
Julia Kent - cello
Matt Sweeney - guitar
Attila Csihar - guest vocals
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - guest vocals and guitarist for "Idumea"
Stephen Emmel - guitar
Stephen O'Malley - guitar
Othon Mataragas - grand piano
Andrew WK - bass
Thanks to Wouter Hiltrop for the revised information
Concert exists as a bootleg
Current 93 20-April-2007 performance of Alone from donaufestvids
Current 93 20-April-2007 performance of Niemandswasser from Michi aka Coll666
Current 93 20-April-2007 performance extract from maldoror23