Live 21 December 1988
1988 Live JP Tokyo
The Loft
Track Listing
  1. The Summer of Love [vod74.3]
  2. Hourglass [surlp4cd] [vod74.3]
  3. Rome [surlp4cd] [vod74.3]
  4. Be [vod74.3]
  5. Oh Coal Black Smith [vod74.3]
  6. Since Yesterday [vod74.3]
David Tibet - vocals
Tony Wakeford - guitar and bass
Rose McDowall - vocals, drums and guitar
Douglas P. - guitar

This was the second of two nights live at The Loft in Tokyo, Japan in 1988. "Hourglass" and "Rome" from this show were released on the 7" that came with the first 1000 copies of the Japanese Earth Covers Earth LP.

Thanks to Ayame for information about this show.
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