Live 21 June 1983
1983 June Live UK Camden Town, London
Equinox Event
Kensington Market Musicians Co-op
Track Listing
  1. Maldoror Ceases To Exist (aka "Cease To Exist") [c93dboboot] [c93equinox] [durtro039]
David Tibet - vocals, Tibetan thigh bone, pygmy headhunter hunting horn
John Murphy - Tibetan thigh bone
Roger Smith - sound
This was a very important event in the history of Current 93, being the first actual appearance of the band (albeit under the Dogs Blood Order moniker) as well as being the point where David Tibet first met Steven Stapleton. Nurse With Wound was to play here as well, but pulled out of the show. Coil were also scheduled to play this show but did not. A collective called Produktion organised this event, and released the Equinox Event cassette tape of some of the music from the performance, including Dogs Blood Order (the track was entitled "Cease To Exist"). The Dogs Blood Order material also showed up on the Dogs Blood Order 10" bootleg. The performance was released officially much later on the Current 93 present: Dogs Blood Order EP.
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