Live 23 April 1985
1985 Live UK London, England
100 Club
Track Listing
  1. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape / KillyKillKilly (A Fire Sermon) [vod74.5]
David Tibet - vocals
John Balance - stick bass
Steve Ignorant - vocals
Current 93 played "the soundtrack to the film Happy Birthday Pigface Christus" (according to a Sounds blurb) this night along with Annie Anxiety and D&V. The set was very short (less than 15 minutes), due to Steve Ignorant flipping out at the end, throwing himself into the other band's drum kit and having to be dragged offstage. David Tibet and John Balance both recalled being quite startled at this. No official recordings exist of this show, but a bootleg video does exist.

SOUNDS described it as follows:

"TEN MINUTES of sheer mayhem. Could have been the wailings of Hades, could have been the sound of a million badgers in labour, could have developed into something astonishing. But it was all too much for Steve Ignorant. Suddenly, and much to the surprise of Tibet and Rushton who carried on playing, the poor lad went absolutely berserk and had to be pinned to the floor by a bewildered bouncer. And that was that Current 93's debut live orgasm ending in premature ejaculation. Ah, but what foreplay!"

David Elliot, Sounds, 4 May 1985
Current 93 23-April-1985 performance from Mr44er
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