Live 24 March 1991
1991 Live DE Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt Sound Depot
Track Listing
  1. Summer Of Love [wscdl001]
  2. Death Of The Corn [wscdl001]
  3. A Song For Douglas [wscdl001]
  4. Earth Covers Earth [wscdl001]
  5. Be [wscdl001]
  6. Black Sun Bloody Moon [wscdl001]
  7. Hooves / Horsey [wscdl001]
  8. Happy Birthday [wscdl001]
  9. They Return To Their Earth [wscdl001]
  10. Black Flowers [wscdl001]
  11. Hullo Angel [wscdl001]
  12. A Sadness Song [wscdl001]
Douglas P.
Michael Cashmore
James Mannox
Support: Death In June
Sol Invictus

David Tibet - vocals Douglas P. - guitar, vocals Michael Cashmore - guitar Joolie Wood - vocals, violin, recorder James Mannox - drums

The material from this show was originally released as a live bootleg CD entitled Day of Dawn. It was reissued officially by World Serpent afterwards on the Current 93/Death In June/Sol Invictus CD.
This night was plagued with some technical problems, but the show went on with some humorous asides from David Tibet. Joolie Wood took over Rose McDowall's usual spot on backing vocals, and lead vocals on "Black Flowers".
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