Live 25 March 1991
1991 Live DE Bochum
Track Listing
  1. Summer Of Love
  2. The Death Of The Corn
  3. A Song For Douglas (After He's Dead)
  4. Time Tryeth Truth
  5. Be
  6. Black Sun Bloody Moon
  7. Hooves/Horsey
  8. Oh Coal Black Smith
  9. Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
  10. They Returned To Their Earth
  11. A Sadness Song
  12. Black Flowers Please
  13. Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - guitar
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Joolie Wood - violin
James Mannox - drums
Sol Invictus
Death In June

Thanks to Jose Pacheco for the setlist information, and for Sönke Held for further information about the show.
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