Live 27 March 1991
1991 Live DE Hamburg
The Kir
Track Listing
  1. A Beginning ("In The Heart of the Wood" Instrumental Intro)
  2. Summer Of Love
  3. The Death Of The Corn
  4. A Song For Douglas
  5. Earth Covers Earth
  6. Be
  7. Black Sun Bloody Moon
  8. Hooves
  9. Horse
  10. Oh Coal Black Smith
  11. Happy Birthday
  12. Black Flowers Please (Joolie Wood Vocals)
  1. A Sadness Song
  1. Oh Coal Blacksmith
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - vocals and guitar
Michael Cashmore - vocals, violin and recorder
Joolie Wood - guitar
James Mannox - drums
Christine Dörner - silent guest
Death In June
Sol Invictus

Of note is the version played this night of "Black Flowers Please", done with Joolie Wood on vocals rather than Rose McDowall (who was not at this performance).
A documentary called "The Final Church of the Noddy Apocalypse" was done for the local open-channel television "Offener Kanal Hamburg" including footage from the show and an interview with David Tibet. The program was shown a few months later and was only announced in one record shop in Hamburg as well as a one-line notice in the daily newspaper's television program.
Current 93 27-March-1991 performanceof Summer Of Love from Ideghart
Current 93 27-March-1991 performance of Song For Douglas After He's Dead from Ideghart
Current 93 27-March-1991 performance of A Song For Douglas After He's Dead (plus interview) from weruleok
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