Live 28 December 1984
1984 Live UK Brussels, Belgium
Ancienne Belgique
Track Listing
  1. The Sound of Silence
    (interspersed with Fields of Rape, Maldoror is Dead, and Jesus Wept)
David Tibet - vocals
Tim Spy - violin
Steven Stapleton - tape mixing
According to an early interview with David Tibet, during this performance (and the previous one at NL Centrum) "no visuals were used, except banners and six hundred and sixty-six posters representing Christ crucified on a hexagram in red and black. Complex vocal effects [were] used, as well as up to twenty prerecorded tapes, each with its own source." The backing tapes were created by Andrew McKenzie of the Hafler Trio.

During the sold-out show, Current 93 played about a 15 minute long version of "The Sound of Silence" with excerpts of "Fields of Rape", "Maldoror is Dead", and "Jesus Wept" mixed in. At one point during the performance Tibet set fire to a large crucifix, smashed it to splinters on the floor, and then threw the pieces out at the crowd, who scrambled for the still-burning pieces. Nurse With Wound, Annie Anxiety, and D&V also played on this night.

"Audience reaction seemed very favourable, although obviously it's always difficult to tell when your actually on the stage. Maybe people were just cheering because it had finished..."

--David Tibet, from Rockerilla No. 56, April 1985.

Thanks to Alessandro Grimieri for helping with translations of information about this show, and to Andrew McKenzie for further info.
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