Alternative Press

Worsted Weight
4 out of 5 stars

If you've encountered charles Atlas before, you won't find WORSTED WEIGHT to
be what you were expecting. sure,the disc begins familiarily,
it's drifting hum and slowly inching drum beat chewing up the first three
minutes,and when the guitar finally fades in,your first thoughts are of Low.
But the unabashed improvisation that gave earlier Charles Atlas albums an
instant thrill but little long-term gratification is eschewed for a barely
moving ambience that's the perfect soundtrack to a long,hot bath. Nine tracks
long(and it IS long),WORSTED WEIGHT avoids trickery and leaps
headlong into the moods instead. And,even though nothing ever really
happens,it's a nice nothing,and a rewarding one. The 21st century has
long needed a new This Mortal Coil; without even trying,Charles Atlas
have delivered one. - Dave Thompson