Cabaret Voltaire

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Cabaret Voltaire - Remixed

UK CD EMI Records UK 5-32573-2
  1. Don't Argue (Dance) [RX6157]
  2. Thank You America (Kevorkian remix)
  3. Here To Go (Live Drum Jacknife remix) [RX6166]
  4. Hypnotised (Daniel Miller D.O.R. mix) [RX6227]
  5. Easy Life (Very Strange mix) [RX6261]
  6. Keep On (Sweet Exorcist mix) [RX6250]
  7. Runaway (Cabaret Voltaire remix) [PCSX7338]
  8. Magic (Cabaret Voltaire remix) [PCSX7338]
  9. Searchin' (Cabaret Voltaire remix) [PCSX7338]
  10. Rescue Me (City Lights) (Cabaret Voltaire remix) [PCSX7338]
  11. Keep On (Land of Oz mix) [R6250]
  12. Easy Life (Cabaret Voltaire remix) [PCSX7338]
Richard H. Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Track 2 previously unreleased