Greater Than One
Bloodstream / Airstream

Cover Image

September 1, 1999

US 7" Brainwashed BRAIN003

  1. Bloodstream - [MP3]
  2. Airstream - [MP3]

Michael Wells

Limited to 1,027 hand-numbered copies.
Red vinyl, comes with sticker and post card.
Cover artwork by Benjamin Palmer of 99th Mind.
Postcard artwork by Daniel McKernan.

Michael Wells' project, Greater Than One, brings the heavy and minimal drones to the Brainwashed 7" series. Playable at any speed, either side of the single weighs heavily on your eyelids. While the tones are gentle and subdued, the overall effect is nearly alien and unsettling. Swells of strings and subtle percussion fill out the second side a bit more than the flip, but the headspace is the same on both sides. Hypnotizing, not relaxing and nowhere near abrasive, this feels like music to be heard accompanying minimalist art in a clinically clean loft in 1975 Germany. - Dick Baldwin, FakeJazz

This the third in the nicely packaged Brainwashed 7î series comes from makers of Tricky Discoís ìTricky Discoî under the AKA of Greater Than One. If youíre feeling sinister thereís ìAirstreamî with its tumid circular drones (not dissimilar to Cyclobeís better work) and glittering saturnine trails of noise amongst the breathing machinery. In a slightly similar vein is the cinematic suffused sound of the token techno of ìBloodstreamî whose swelling strings rise over bloops and padding beats barely qualifying as IDM. - Scott McKeating, Stylus

Quiz·s sea el single de "Better than one", el que menos me entusiasme luego de haber pasado por los otros puntos altos. MelodÌas un tanto retro en medio de corrientes de aire y corrientes de sangre ("airstream", "bloodstream") - Pavlo Picco, deVelvet