The Salami Brothers
Wet Salami


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UK 12" Dataflow DAT04

  1. Eat Zat Pizza (Veggie Mix)
  2. Eat Zat Pizza (Pepperoni Mix)
  3. Wet Salami (Mini-salami mix)
  4. Gangsta Trax (GTO mix)

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NL 12" Mokum MOK19

  1. Wet Salami (Mini-salami mix)
  2. Wet Salami (Anti-salami mix)
  3. Gangsta Trax (GTO mix)
  4. Eat Zat Pizza (Veggie Mix)

Lee Newman
Michael Wells

Variations are found on Gangsta Trax Vol. 1, Gangsta Trax: The Final Chapter, and Future Classics of the Recent Past.