The Legendary Pink Dots

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NL C30 Ding Dong Tapes And Records DDC 005
NL C30 Terminal Kaleidoscope TK77/19

Sides A&B:
  1. God Speed
  2. Pay To Be Alone
  3. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  4. The Blessing
  5. I'm In The Drill
  6. Powder Crowd
  7. Strychnene Chaser
  8. Alive!
  9. Believe!
  10. The Plague
  11. Premonition 3

Vocals/Keyboards/Electronics: Edward Ka-Spel
Bass/Keyboard: Rolls Anotherone (Roland Calloway?)
Guitars: Barry Gray
Drums/Percussion: Keith Thompson
Violin/Keyboards: Patrick Paganini (Patrick Wright)
Extra Effects: Sally Graves

Ding Dong edition was limited to 1000 copies.
Terminal Kaleidoscope edition has a different cover.
All tracks are also available on Traumstadt 1.