The Fire Of The Mind
1994 CD UK Durtro DURTRO022CD
1000 With book 'Simply Being'
Track Listing
  1. The Fire Of The Mind (20:22) [dprombx141] [durtro044]
David Kenny
Sleeve Notes
I dream:
One sinks and we all plummet
One is saved and we are all saved

This piece was recorded by Current 93 for release with Simply being by James low, and is not to be sold separately from it, or all the hells shall open at once for those responsible.
Current 93 not are not:
' guitars, bass, vocals
Steven Stapleton: guitars, bass, backing vocals, puppets
David Kenny: guitars, bass
Mixed by Steven Stapleton, David Kenny and David Tibet
Engineered by David Kenny
My love to Starfish and James Low
Cut by Denis at Porky's
A Durtro release, made in England
© Durtro 1994
® Ourobouros Music 1994
This title David Tibet / Current 93

David Michael Tibet, London, August 27 1994.
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