Shiny Men
1981 12" UK Experimental EX002
1000 Black vinyl copies in regular sleeve
Track Listing
A GAIN (New Bricks)
  1. One Of The Big Shiny Men
  2. To A Spaceman
  3. Dream Pussy
  4. Secret Monkeys
  5. Ape Ship
  6. C Jam Lam Bop Larrence Funk-A-Monk-A-Blues
AGAIN (The Same Wheel)
  1. Cheap Emotion
  2. Too Wonderful
  3. Back.Back
  4. Institution
  5. Model Citizen
Vinyl Etchings
A GAIN (New Bricks):
Mr. Memory
Count Omni
Foursquare Meels
Dogtor Thud
John O'Neill
Jim Studdard
Andy Robinson
Laurie Linton
Sleeve Notes
Hello since we were knee-high to a status symbol we'd dreamed of wearing the special suits - until we discovered the price of sequins. But by then it was too late - we'd already thought up some loopy names:
Mr. Memory - voice, guitar, songwriting, arrangements
Count Omni - keyboards
Foursquare Meels - bass
Dogtor Thud - drums, percussion

These are (in plain clothes) Shiny Men

Special thanks to Robert Wyatt for his singing / scat-gurgling on 'Dream Pussy' and for his general encouragement.

Also featured are:
John O'Neill - sax on 'Shiny Men', 'To A Spaceman', 'C Jam...', 'Cheap Emotion', 'Too Wonderful', 'Back.Back'
Jim Studdard - clarinet on 'Dream Pussy'
Andy Robinson - tuba on 'Institution'
Laurie Linton - backing vocals on 'Shiny Men', 'Ape Ship', 'Cheap Emotion'

Recorded at Berwick St. Studios*

Produced by The Bombay Ducks

Engineered by Martin Hayles

Cover artwork by Mick Clack (Thought bubble [Dream Pussy] by Molly-Anne Hadfield; T.V. picture by Peter Knight who photographed both)

*'Dream Pussy' recorded at Wave Studios by Ian Marlowe. (remixed at Berwick St, by The 'Ducks)

The Cast
Mr. Memory Chris Lavelle
Count Omni Chris O'Neill
Foursquare Meels Jerry Soffe
Dogtor Thud Frank Hockney

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