Greater Than One
Kill the Pedagogue

Greater Than One - Kill the Pedagogue



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Lee Newman
Michael Wells

The UK cassette-only came in a 20.2cm/29.8cm clear re-sealable/ziploc- type plastic bag with a small icon (a drawing of a Siamese twin child, joined at the hip) stamped in black [ink] at its top. Inside the bag is a double-sided 42.9cm/29.4 black [photocopied print] on red paper picture sleeve, which is tri-folded, and then folded inward 40cm at the top and then again at the bottom. A travel label printed with "Sanitize For Sanity? Earth Head Unsoil?" is attached to a length of red yarn/red twine that is tied in a knot (twice) around the paper sleeve. The following items are housed within the above packaging: a 13cm/10cm black & white glossy photograph of a hand grasping an erect penis superimposed in front of the Union Jack flag (with a very small 'GREATER THAN ONE' logo stamped at its bottom right-hand corner in black ink), an 8.8cm [circumference] circular red [print] on white paper 'Kill The Pedagogue' sticker, a plastic toy knife with 'GTO' printed on it, a 10.5cm/18.6cm single- sided black [print] on yellow cardstock insert with instructions on how to use the knife, two blue [print] on white pin/badges (one saying "GTO", the other "greater than one? natural mindfuck?"), a 14.8cm/20.6cm 24 page black [photocopied print] on red paper booklet with various collages, and a black plastic cassette which is housed inside a 8.3cm/12cm gold [embossed print] on red [Chinese bag] envelope with a rectangular black [print] on gold return address sticker affixed to its bottom (which states: "GREATER THAN ONE P.O. BOX 153 LONDON SW10 ORL", and: "fear is the agent of violence") and a circular 'GREATER THAN ONE' logo stamped above it in black ink. The cassette itself is a 40 minute BASF Chrome tape (recorded in Dolby B), which has red [print] on white paper labels affixed to each side. There is no track listing for this release, and the cassette does not identify which is Side A or B.

Remastered and reissued in a 2006 CD Kill the Pedagogue.