Shipwreck Radio Volume Two: Eight Enigmatic Episodes from Utvær
Nurse With Wound


Tracks Disc A
  1. June 12 (14:52)
  2. June 9 (15:28)
  3. July 4 (15:02)
  4. July 21 (15:33)
Disc B
  1. July 18 (16:29)
  2. June 6 (15:35)
  3. July 28 (15:03)
  4. June 19 (14:35)
Label ICR
Country UK
Catalogue ICR51
Format 2xCD
Date November 2005
Edition ICR51. Edition in digipak
First 250 copies came with Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sleeve Notes Cover design: S. Stapleton
front cover collage: Babs Santini
all Lofoten photographs: Hagen Stockhausen
Thanks to: Anne Hilde neset & Rob Young. Per Gunnar Tverbakk & Camilla Eeg. Ole Petter Rfesdahl. Eivind Furnesvik. Lofotradioen. Mrs Livery. Paul Jackson.
Very special thanks to Hagen Stockhausen for the use of his wonderful photographs.

Between June & July 2004, as guests of Kunst I Nordland, NWW broadcast twenty four unexpected radio transmissions from the Arctic Lofoten Islands, eight of which are included here.
Notes Nurse With Wound on this occasion were Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter
Sequel to Shipwreck Radio Volume One