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Entering Valhalla, Vol. 1: With Bass Drum And Electronic Sounds

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Richard H. Kirk - Entering Valhalla, Vol. 1: With Bass Drum and Electronic Sound

May 15, 2006


  1. Richard H. Kirk, "Entering Valhalla Without A Laptop (But With An Umbrella, A Sewing Machine And An Operating Table -- Dig It)"
  2. Richard H. Kirk, "Oneski"
  3. Sandoz, "Morning Star (Dubmix)"
  4. Pat Riot, "Who's Afraid (Of The Red, White & Blue) (Original Mix)"
  5. Robots + Humanoids, "Robot"
  6. Sandoz, "White Darkness (Electronic Eye Remix)"

Richard H. Kirk - all music

Track 1 released on Touch 00 (Touch, 2000)
Track 2 released on Trance Europe Express, Vol. II (Volume, 1994)
Track 3 released on Serenity Dub 3.1 Organic Technology (Incoming!, 1996)
Track 4 released on The Electronic Bible (White Label Music Ltd, 2004)
Track 5 released on Mr. Modo's Lunchtime Legends, Vol. 2 (Lodestone, 1997)
Track 6 released on Ambient Dub Volume Four - Jellyfish (Beyond, 1995)