Clear Horizon

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Clear Horizon - Clear Horizon

Nov. 17, 2003

US CD/LP Kranky KRANK062

  1. Watching the Sea
  2. Death's Dance
  3. For Days - [MP3]
  4. Sunrise Drift - [MP3]
  5. Millenium Blues
  6. Distortion Song
  7. A Child's Eyes
  8. Dusk - [MP3]
  9. Open Road - [MP3]

Jessica Bailiff
David Pearce

Jessica Bailiff has recorded and released three solo recordings on kranky. David Pearce lives the U.K. and spent most of the 90s in a band whose name he'd just as soon not mention. If the words "rural psychedelia" mean anything to you; you can probably figure out what band. Or, as Jon Dale wrote in Signal to Noise about the debut Clear Horizon release; "If the album in toto brings a few memory shards forward in your mind, so be it."

Clear Horizon was recorded over the course of two years, as Bailiff and Pearce exchanged tapes across the Atlantic. Each member contributed vocals and guitars and layers of effects, piano and percussion gradually accumulated during the recording process. The debut, self-titled CD/LP was released in November, 2003. Since then Bailiff and Pearce have met in England to record face-to-face. The process, so far, has involved songwriting and improvisation.

Suffused with folky textures and bleached white noise (often simultaneously), the clear horizon album collects the band's first formative recordings. Both Bailiff and Pearce contribute vocals and guitar, with piano, various effects and occasional percussive elements entering into the mix as well. Although the resulting nine songs do embody some of each member's trademark sounds; something strange, interesting and new seems to have developed in their fusion here as clear horizon.