The Legendary Pink Dots
Пой Пока Можешь

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Legendary Pink Dots - Poi Poka Mozhesh


RU CD Brudenia LPD1

  1. Casting the Runes - [BIAS225] [MP3]
  2. Zero Zero - [BIAS225]
  3. Damien - [SOL31] [MP3]
  4. Pennies For Heaven - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  5. Third Secret - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  6. Lisa's Separation - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  7. The Golden Age - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  8. New Tomorrow - [BIAS149] [MP3]
  9. The Lovers (Part Two) - [DDD3333] [MP3]
  10. Supper at J's (Version One)
  11. Interflora Overdrive (Part One)
  12. Interflora Overdrive (Part Two)

Edward Ka-Spel - voice, keyboards, electronics
The Silverman - keyboards, processes
various others...

Another anthology release (similar to STONE CIRCLES and CANTA MIENTRAS PUEDAS) with the last three tracks on the disc being previously unreleased, although "Supper at J's" appears in a different form on the Ka-Spel solo album