The Legendary Pink Dots
Greetings 9

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IT 12" Materiali Sonori MASO 7009

side a

  1. Puppets Apocalypse
  2. Poppy Day
  3. A Lust For Powder

side b

  1. Only When I Laugh
  2. La Cazza Nova
  3. Lyriex

Edward Ka-Spel - voice, keyboards, electronix
The Silver Man - keyboards, samples, loops
Patrick Q-Wright - violins, keyboards, drum programming
Hanz Myre - sax, flute, sound processing

Side a recorded live at The Ubu Club, Rennes, France in Feb/88
Side b are studio tracks recorded August, 1988.
The vinyl edition was released in two slightly different covers (alternate cover).

Greetings 9 + Premonition 11 / It's Raining in Heaven

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Legendary Pink Dots - It's Raining in Heaven - EP

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IT CD Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90029
US CD Soleilmoon SOL43 (1996 - alternate cover)

  1. Puppets Apocalypse
  2. Poppy Day
  3. A Lust For Powder
  4. Only When I Laugh
  5. La Cazza Nova
  6. Lyriex
  7. Premonition 11

The first part of the CD bonus track "Premonition 11" is the original 1982 recording (taken from PREMONITION 11 7") and the second part was recorded in 1988, but they've been sequenced together to make it appear as one track.
The CD edition was reissued in 1996 under the title IT'S RAINING IN HEAVEN.

Only When I Laugh

She waved the red flag. Someone charged -- head down. They had to cut me from the wire -- shrouded -- red rosettes. She stood there laughing as they tied me to the bed, and sped me off to casuality ward 33. No coffee, no cigarettes, no cozy chats with white coat zombies mumbling through the masks of poking plastic tubes. They sewed my mouth together. I couldn't move, but still I whistle in the dark, and you come running, laughing, armed with red carnations, fleshy grapes that you can wave before my face and eat so slowly. Oh, you always had good taste, and now you're wearing yellow. That's my favorite. Touch my hair, and listen hard because I'll purr. That's how I show affection now, you know. Love hurts, but I'd do anything for you. Anything for you. Anything. And Everything.

La Cazza Nova

On the streets again, we're [???] again, we could grow, and when the sun goes down, people meet again, never meet again, take our chances in another town. No, we never change, never come of age; guess that's just the way the world goes 'round. [repeats last line until the end]


Forever, forever, forever.

Premonition 11

We checked out where the market square once stood. My god, there's just a hole. It's choking wreck to wreck, truck to truck, the bumpers bumping, sirens scream, but mothing seems to move, the collar's open, sweat jets running down the windows, elbows pressed upon the horns. No one's going anywhere at all.(x2) It's not a place for me and my canary Paul. Please me, pretty, pretty please me.[repeat last line until the end]