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2009 January mp3 & flac CA Jnana
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Track Listing
  1. I Gan Noo Wha My Organs Gan (1:15) [apsp018] [ud202cd]
  2. A Snake in Your Abdomen (6:39) [mi-mort3] [stappleton01] [vod66]
  3. Ooh Baby (Coo Coo) (6:28) [mi-mort3] [stappleton01] [vod66]
  4. Someone Other's Garden (7:17) [nwwckg] [stappleton01] [tmt05] [vod120] [vod66]
  5. Excerpt from "Pricksongs" (4:20) [nwwckg] [stappleton01] [tmt13] [vod120]
  6. Zappo - Leon VII (5:39) [cc001] [vod66]
  7. A Token Sylvie And Babs Ditty Chicken In Drag (1:45) [mi-mort4] [vod66]
  8. Antacid Cocomotive 93 (3:45) [nwwckg] [stappleton01] [ud202cd] [xx002]
  9. The Poo Poo Song (5:32) [domv7701] [dragnet04]
  10. Split and Well Hung (2:29) [domv7703] [dragnet04]
  11. The Cockroach of Del Monte (5:05) [domv7703] [dragnet04]
  12. Excerpt from "The Dance of Fools" (1:19) [nwwckg] [stappleton01] [tmlp09]
  13. Something Really Pretentious (5:27) [bandit16] [stappleton01] [ud093]
  14. Yoko's Anniversary (2:31) [stappleton01] [vod66] [xxx17]
  15. Great Balls Of Fur (1:10) [lay15]
  16. The Demon Flower (0:46)
  17. Alas the Madonna Functions (3:34) [nwwckg] [pey86] [vod66]
  18. excerpt from "Psychedelic Underground" (3:58) [sx004] [sx012] [ud034]
  19. Scissors, Radio, Bongo and Bell (10:58) [domcd771415] [ud202cd]
A collection of mainly previously released tracks from old compilations.

The songs titles with asterisks were grabbed from CDs

Excerpt from "Psychedelic Underground" is the bit from the CD of Portable Altamont that didn't make it to the Live at Bar Maldoror CD.

Great Balls Of Fur (intro) is from the Sylvie And Babs cassette, not the LP