Live At The Teatro Ibérico, Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday 8 February 2003
2003 CD UK Pan Durtro PANDURTRO011
In card sleeve
Available with mail order copies of England's Hidden Reverse from Durtro
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Track Listing
  1. Dreams Of Elysia (1:55)
  2. Judas As Black Moth (3:40) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  3. Larkspur And Lazarus (5:59) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  4. A Gothic Love Song (4:02) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  5. Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still (4:53) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  6. A Sadness Song (5:47) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  7. All The World Makes Great Blood (5:26) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
  8. Alone (7:06) [c93-live-08-FEB-2003]
Michael Cashmore
Sleeve Notes
Current Ninety Three: Michael Cashmore, Maja Elliott, David Tibet. Extra vocals on 'A Gothic Love Song' by Antony.
Engineered by Claudia Bandiera and Emídio Buchinho. Concert organised and promoted by José Daniel Dias Pcheco, Paula Alexandra Tavares da Silva and Carlos Miguel Alves Lopes de Ornelas Gomes. Many thanks to all of those who made these shows so special for us, as well as Andria Tibet, Antony, Joan Wasser, and Joe Budenholzer for being there. Cover painting by Xabier Varlea. Layout: Othila.

This CD was sent free to all of those who ordered England's Hidden Reverse by David Keenan from Durtro Mail Order.
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