Kate Mosh

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June 2001

US CD Killer Pimp PIMPK001

  1. Across the Universe - [MP3]
  2. Crawford's Theme 1
  3. The Fire This Time - [MP3]
  4. Hectic
  5. Lifelines
  6. Suicide
  7. Crawford's Theme 2
  8. Kate Mosh - [MP3]
  9. Manic - [MP3]
  10. Genesis
  11. Dynamo
  12. Solar Death

All tracks by Mathis Moots
Cover by Benjamin Palmer for 99th Mind

Panacea, our favorite formerly-corpulent German beat terrorist returns under another pseudonym (after also going by Rich Kid, Bad Street Boy, and M2) -- Kate Mosh. The music is trademark Panacea -- crushingly heavy beats and super doom-laden atmospheres, staccato highs and scattered static-laden vocal samples. It's very fun, very aggro and heavy. Everyone from fans of Atari Teenage Riot to Techno Animal will like this. On the new label Killer Pimp started by the fine folks at brainwashed.com. - Aquarius

I'm awake already! Kate Mosh is a new alias for the twenty something German producer best known as Panacea. "Dynamo" is the debut release from Killer Pimp, one of two new labels (the other being Turbo Pimp) under the Brainwashed umbrella. K-Pimp's motto states "There is no such thing as love, only varying levels of obsession". Kate Mosh is obsessed with overdrive. Most everything is intentionally in the red: synths, samples and beats for over 73 minutes of dance floor hardcore. A pounding thud is the rapid heartbeat of most tracks as layers of electronics blister and peel on the surface. Part 1 of "Crawford's Theme" drops the beat for ambient noise while part 2 dabbles in drum 'n bass. "The Fire This Time" injects some explosive hip hop attitude. The aptly titled "Manic" dances with synth notes and an onslaught of rhythm. And for "Across the Universe" (no, not a Beatles cover as far as I can tell), "Kate Mosh", "Genesis", "Solar Death" and the title track, think dramatic rave techno dipped in white noise. Alec Empire wishes he was having this much fun. - Mark Weddle