But It's So/Makes No Sense

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Soundpool - Mirrors In Your Eyes

January 26, 2010

US 7" Killer Pimp PIMPK014

  1. But It's So (7" mix) - [MP3]
  2. Makes No Sense
Soundpool - "But It's So" by killerpimp

Kim Field - Vocals, Q-Chord, Omnichord, Keyboard
John Ceparano - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mark Robinson - Keyboard
James Renard - Drums
Sanford Santacroce - Bass

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering

Classic pop songwriting fused with hard driving disco backbeats... hooky bass lines... layered, shoegazey guitars and floating, atmospheric synths with Kim Field's unmistakably sincere and distinctively un-affected ethereal vocals.

Both songs are from the forthcoming LP & CD Mirrors In Your Eyes, Soundpool's third full-length album, due early 2010 on Killer Pimp.

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"But It's So" is the greatest song I've heard in ages! - Brother Cleve

"When you've been declared by an astounding musician like Ulrich Schnauss as "The best fucking band in the world!" then you've got, at least, a few things going for you. But other than just a glowing quote like that, Soundpool also have plenty of tools in their arsenal. Music that is built around Kim Field's sweetly lush vocals, they make the kind of dream pop that is just as good to dance to, as it is at falling asleep to. With an album on the way, this 7" features the atmospheric dance pop of "But It's So" and while Field doesn't ever coming around to resolving what it is, the music's textures and layers wash away all of the past memories. Much like labelmates Ceremony, Soundpool creates walls of synths and reverb; except here it's all done by way of grace and elegance. In the end, we have something both intriguing and impressive with "But It's So" shimmering gleam. The flip-side is "Makes No Sense," a bubbling, smooth song that still carries its own techno beat but is far more subdued. It's a brisk change of pace and offers dimensions to both the act's sound and even, Field's soaring vocals. Neat and tidy, the package is easily ready for the taking and for Soundpool, this introduction offers something amiably absorbing." - Bryan Sanchez, Delusions of Adequacy

"Soundpool's own seven-inch impresses in its own way with the NYC quintet grounding its vocals-synths-guitars front line with a muscular rhythm base on two over-too-soon and hard-driving dreampop tunes. Opener "But It's So" stokes a pumping, "Fashion"-styled groove as it carves a path through New Wave and disco-funk territories, with Kim Field's ethereal vocals riding a euphoric wave of synthesizer wooziness and strangulated guitar rumble. On the flip side, "Makes No Sense" opens with a silky and stately synth flourish that quickly gives way to a churning electro-funk groove with Field's singing almost lost within the psychotropic swirl. Both tracks offer a snapshot of what to expect from the group's third full-length album, Mirrors In Your Eyes, also targeted for an early 2010 release on Killer Pimp. Let's hope each album packs its two- and three-minute molotov cocktails into a half-hour running time, just like The Ramones' debut did so many moons ago." - Textura

"Oh my Lord, so FUNKY.. This is what you are about to think to yourself/say outloud (for those who find themselves in a semi-social situation midday through a Wednesday, or are of the sort likely to be overcome with excitement toward funk that you begin to speak outloud) when listening to Soundpool's "But It's So." A thick, dreamy shoegazing guitar jumble, driven by an even thicker disco beat, "But It's So" is immediately one of the best tracks recorded by the NYC quintet, who have been relatively quiet since 2008's Dichotomies and Dreamland. The track is good enough to ignore the chorus of, "But it's so," without really understanding what "it" is, or what this "it" is "so." And if you really feel like you need an answer, just fill in "hot" at the end of the line, and you'll be just fine. "But It's So" is set to appear on Soundpool's upcoming LP Mirrors in Your Eyes, released sometime early on this year on Killer Pimp. With this, and Music Go Music's Expressions both due out soon, 2010 is already shaping up to be a pretty great year for disco-revival. Which, depending on how receptive you are to disco, means 2010 is shaping up to be a good/awful year for new/tired music." - Max Sebela, Jezebel Music

Post-shoegaze ambient dance with a canonball of cosmic sounds, including one you will recognize from the Ting Ting's "Great DJ." "But It's So" will be on the upcoming album Mirrors In Your Eyes, the New York groop's third full-length album, expected soon on Killer Pimp records. Track is also on a limited 7" out later this month. - Kenyon, Advance Copy

Soundpool would be an awesome Transformers character. Just think of the myriad of possibilities that this robot could transform into! Soundpool could be a gun that emits sonic frequencies consisting of disco, shoegazey and spacey funk. - Ventvox

"The best fucking band in the world!" - Ulrich Schnauss

"Reminiscent of French pop via Air or Stereolab... fine dream pop." - Pitchfork

"Captivating blend of shoegaze, space rock and wonderful soundscapes" -

"Few new artists match Soundpool's vocal delivery and sonic awareness" - Musicisnotdead

"Slowdive for the new millennium" - David Mansdorf, Losing Today

"When Lush wrote Sweetness and Light at the height of shoegazing, I wonder if they had anticipated Soundpool" - Brett Spaceman, EVILSPONGE

"Soundpool's heavily layered, dreamy tunes conjure up images of a queen soaring on a throne made of clouds, singing while her smiling band mates float beside her. Vocalist Kim Field's pure, angelic voice ranges from sexy, deeper notes to high-pitched melodies that mirror her keyboard playing. Active yet appropriately subtle, drummer James Renard works with the bassist to form a tight rhythm section, creating an urgent, driving groove. The nonstop, ethereal synths compliment the angular, sometimes haunting guitar, which recalls the sounds of 70s psychedelia, 80s pop and 90s shoegaze. Soundpool's supremely pleasing music leaves listeners with a euphoric high that.s only heightened in their dynamic live performances. - Becky Firesheets, The Deli

but it's so

i can't tell you why it is like this
i don't know why time hasn't come
i can't tell you where it is going
i don't know why we've not become

but it's so
though i'm not sad today
yeah it's so
but it won't hurt today

won't you tell me it doesn't matter
make me believe worries can hide

but it's so
though i'm not sad today
yeah it's so
but it won't hurt today

yeah it's so