Cabaret Voltaire
The Golden Moments Of

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UK CD Rough Trade RUF CD 6001
  1. Do The Mussolini [RT003]
  2. Nag Nag Nag [MP3] [RT018]
  3. Photophobia [ROUGH004]
  4. Expect Nothing [ROUGH004]
  5. Seconds Too Late [RT060]
  6. This Is Entertainment [ROUGH011]
  7. Obsession [ROUGH011]
  8. Sluggin' Fer Jesus [MP3] [TWI018]
  9. Landslide [ROUGH027]
  10. Red Mask [ROUGH027]
  11. Get Out Of My Face [ROUGH042]
Richard H. Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Chris Watson
Compiles tracks released by Rough Trade, 1978-1982.