1989 7" JP Supernatural Organization SURLP4C/D
1000 Black vinyl numbered copies in regular sleeve
with LP Earth Covers Earth (SURLP4)
Track Listing
Side A
  1. Hourglass [c93-live-21-DEC-1988] [vod74.3]
  2. Rome [c93-live-21-DEC-1988] [vod74.3]
Side B
  1. Fields Of Rape [c93-live-20-DEC-1988]
Douglas P.
Sleeve Notes
lyric - John Hall / music Current 93
lyric - David Micheal Tibet / music - Current 93

recorded live at LOFT, tokyo, JAPAN on 21st/Dec/88'

Fields Of Rape
lyric&music/Current 93

recorded live at LOFT, tokyo, Japan on 20th/Dec/88'

Current 93 were
David Tibet - vo. Tony Wakeford - guitar, bass.
Rose McDowall - vo, drums, guitar. Douglas P., - guitar.

for SUR LP4 Current 93: Earth Covers Earth.
"Hourglass" & "Rome" are live versions from the album.
"Fields Of Rape" is different live recording from forthcoming Current 93 album "Live In Japan" (SURLP18)
The "Live In Japan" LP was never realized.
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