Crepuscule Collection 1: The Quick Neat Job
BE CSLes Disques Du Crepuscule TWIC 646
  1. Be Music - Theme
  2. Cheyne - Call Me Mr. Telephone
  3. Paul Haig - The Only Truth
  4. Kid Montana - Love May Be Blind
  5. James Cuts - Sexify You
  6. Paul Haig - The Executioner (v.3)
  1. Pleasure Ground - Life Of Jade
  2. Anna Domino - Sixteen Tons
  3. The Wayfarers - Arabesque
  4. Pleasure Ground - Wait
  5. Paul Haig - Big Blue World
  6. Blaine L. Reininger - Mystery And Confusion
Track A6 is a collaboration between Paul Haig, Richard H. Kirk and Stephen Mallinder. Another version (v.1) appears on Paul Haig's "European Sun - Archive Collection 1982-1987" [TWI 829]
"The Executioner" was supposed to appear on Haig's "Executioner's Theme" [FBN48], but this release was cancelled
"The Executioner (v.3)" only appears on the cassette edition of this release.