A Missing Sense
1997 CD UK United Dairies UD042CD
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. A Missing Sense (24:55) [torso16] [ud020]
  2. Swansong (21:47) [cmedd1161] [ud027]
  3. Dada (Ostranenie 1913 Version) (24:46) [art053bd] [ihm2] [tmr03] [ud04]
Tathata Wallis
Diana Rogerson
Andrew McKenzie
John Fothergill
Sleeve Notes
A Missing Sense:
Voice: T. Wallis, D. Rogerson, S. Stapleton , A. McKenzie.
Trumpet: D. Tibet.
Tuba, Organ, Electronics, Sounds: S. Stapleton .

Voice: T. Wallis, S. Stapleton , D. Rogerson

Dada (Ostranenie 1913 Version):
J. Fothergill, D. Tibet. , Sinan, S. Stapleton

A Missing Sense was originally conceived as a private tape to accompany my taking of LSD. When in that particular state, Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing was the only music I could actually experience without feeling claustrophobic and paranoid. We played it endlessly; it seemed to become part of the room, perfectly blending with the late night city ambience and the 'breathing' of the building. I decided to make my own version using the basic structure of Ashley's masterpiece, but making it more personal, adding natural sound that I could hear in my environment. It should be played at very low volume.

Swansong is a vocal piece which was spewed out after watching a documentary on the American A-Bomb tests off the Bikini Islands which left me sad, helpless and fucking angry - an ocean of death.