Acts of Senseless Beauty
Nurse With Wound / Aranos
1997 CD UK United Dairies UD100CD
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Either Open Or Unsound (10:33) [tourette002] [uj810]
  2. Bloodclot (4:15) [tourette002] [uj810]
  3. A Window Of Possible Organic Development (13:50) [tourette002] [ud202cd] [uj810] [wsdcd016]
  4. The Entertainer (6:00) [tourette002] [uj810]
  5. Some Magic Powers (14:46) [tourette002] [uj810]
Peat Bog
David Kenny
Sleeve Notes
All music performed by, mixed and executed by NURSE WITH WOUND and ARANOS

Cover by Babs Santini from an idea by Petr Vastl
Thanks to:
Peat Bog - guitar, perc, voice
David Kenny - guitar
Dennis Blackham - digital transfer
And not forgetting: Dave Andrews, Colin Potter, Christoph, David, Drei and Roo
Track 5 finishes at around 10:37 and restarts again around 12:40 as an untitled dub track